Separation anxiety is more common than we know and can destroy solid friendships, family ties and romantic relationships.
Blue lights and negative news: Are you headed for a mental breakdown?
The consumption of negative news can be detrimental it can cause anxiety and depression.
There’s a new easy-to-buy drug in South Africa and school kids are the primary target.
What you need to know about epilepsy
Having a single seizure doesn’t mean you have epilepsy – you need to have two unprovoked seizures to be diagnosed with epilepsy.
‘There will be a large amount of viruses within a toilet when a confirmed case uses it.’
This male nurse’s body was ravaged by the virus in a matter of weeks.
You can have a personal fitness trainer in your pocket with the Fitbit Premium app

Fitness and Wellness You can have a personal fitness trainer in your pocket with the Fitbit Premium app

This perfect training buddy comes with exercise programmes and diet tips, even if you don’t own a device.

Celebs & viral 5 questions we all had during the Red Table Talk ‘confession’ with Will and Jada

Jada and Will Smith offer up some cringeworthy moments as they address the affair rumours made by August Alsina during The Red Table Talk, Jada’s Facebook Watch series.

Lifestyle How coronavirus affects the brain

There are also COVID-19 patients having ischaemic strokes, where a blood clot blocks the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Fashion & Beauty How to avoid and fix thinning hair – from an expert

Any kind of hair loss can be scary, but if there’s one expert that understands the horror it’s Trichologist Iain Sallis who gives expert tips on sorting out hair loss issues.

Covid-19 MUST READ: Covid-19-positive medical doctor’s diary

Aarthi Muthayan kept a diary to record her symptoms from day one until six, which is when she was at her sickest.

Fashion & Beauty We visit a barber to test safety compliance

There’s something to be said for getting pampered in a salon and this Citizen reporter is still safe, and very happy with his much-needed haircut.

Covid-19 Amsterdam’s sex district open for business

With no kissing allowed, how will the famous red-light district operate?

Lifestyle How social media leads to cheating and mistrust in relationships

Don’t let technology ruin your relationship or marriage.

Wellness & Health The psychological effects of early marriage

The impact of early marriage manifests in many ways.




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