Our sex columnist, Tiffany Mugo explains how to improve your sex life in 2021.
PG-18: Here are five sexy alternative gifts to a vibrator or lingerie that you can bless your bedroom buddy with.
Looking for a way to shake things in up in the bedroom (or wherever else)? This gift guide might be just for you.
Losing one’s sex drive
If it is frequent it can be a sign of health problems that need treatment.
The man used sites such as Tinder to woo women whom he then robbed of their bank cards or details which he used to make online purchases.
‘Having the family around 24/7 meant no opportunity whatsoever for intimacy.’ If you think lockdown was rough on your relationship, it’s totally normal.

Lifestyle How social media leads to cheating and mistrust in relationships

Don’t let technology ruin your relationship or marriage.

Sex Creating a buzz in the bedroom

CBD lube and other intimacy products can be game-changing when it comes to women’s sexual pleasure.

Sex Would you slyly buy your man sex pills to enhance his performance?

Radio host asks his female listeners if they have ever bought a man sex endurance pills without telling them?

Sex Healthy living :Why it may hurt to wee

Non-gonococcal urethritis: if it’s not caused by gonorrhoea

Entertainment South African singer Nakhane redefines ideas of masculinity

The disturbingly high levels of femicide, rape and domestic violence in South Africa compel us to think of what it means to be a man.

Fitness and Wellness Canada’s top doctor urges mask wearing during sex, no kissing

“The lowest risk sexual activity during Covid-19 involves yourself alone,” she said.

Lifestyle The hard truth about the P SHOT and everything you need to know about erectile dysfunction

It involves the injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the shaft of the flaccid penis, once it has been sufficiently numbed.

Entertainment WATCH : Zodwa Wabantu contemplates using her private parts to make money.

In her latest online shenanigans, Zodwa Wabantu says she’s tired of using her brain when she can easily use her vagina.

Fitness and Wellness 3 tips to make the o-o-orgasm last longer

Making the orgasm last longer can be as easy or as hard (excuse the pun) as you like. Edging and experimenting are easy ways to last longer, while tantra can take a bit of practice. PG-18

Fitness and Wellness Weird smell coming from ‘down there’? It’s totally normal

A lot of the time women are told that their private parts need to smell like fresh strawberries on a summer’s day but in actual fact, a healthy vagina can smell like a whole bunch of things without it necessarily being a bad thing.

Lifestyle Netflix’s erotic film ‘365 Days’ accused of glorifying kidnapping and rape

Forget ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – this controversial film is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Lifestyle When is the best time to have sex?

Why should sex be limited to the morning and evening, what about in the afternoon?

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