Certain disorders, such as anxiety and PTSD, may persist for months or even years in patients severely affected by the disease.
After just a week of sobriety, your skin will begin to look smoother and more youthful as hydration increases and inflammation settles down.
The baby, whose sex has not been disclosed, received a liver transplant from its father.
Pushing your body too far can have adverse effects and result in injury and fatigue.
Eating two or three servings each day could reduce the risk of certain health conditions, according to new research.
Scientists say that sleeping positions impact the overall quality of sleep one gets at night and that there are several ways to improve sleep posture.

Fitness and health Injection better at HIV protection than daily pills – US researchers

The results released Monday stem from a trial involving more than 4,500 people.

Why you should add cross-training to your workouts

Fitness and health Why you should add cross-training to your workouts

Cross-training is a great way to vary the stress placed on specific muscles and therefore allows faster recovery.

What you need to know about urethritis

Fitness and health What you need to know about urethritis

It is more difficult to diagnose the condition in women as it may not cause as many symptoms.

Fitness and health Coffee could help reduce body fat in women – study

New research has found that drinking a couple of cups of coffee each day appears to be linked with carrying less weight among women.

Fitness and health Calls to mental health and suicide helplines have more than doubled

The national coronavirus lockdown and its effects have led to an increase in depression, anxiety and suicide thoughts among South Africans.

Fitness and health How to wear your Covid-19 mask

Putting the mask in the freezer or microwave to try to kill the virus is not recommended.

Fitness and health Too little sleep could increase risk of asthma attacks, study finds

Not getting enough sleep has been linked to more asthma attacks and poorer health in adults with the condition.

Covid-19 New study suggests pregnant women are not at greater risk of severe Covid-19

When researchers analysed how the disease might affect the women’s children, they found that outcomes for infants were on the whole good.

Fitness and health ‘Major’ mental health crisis looming from pandemic – UN

The UN brief highlighted the mental strains on people fearing that they or loved ones will be infected or die.

Fitness and health Sugary drinks may increase risk of heart disease and stroke in women

It is recommended that most women limit added sugar to no more than 100 calories a day (6 teaspoons of sugar or 25 grams).

Fitness and health No booze, cigarettes and long lockdown see SA’s happiness levels dropping

South Africa finds itself at its lowest happiness point since last year.

Fitness and health Why you may be losing track of what day it is

The longer a person stays home, the more they start to forget what day it is due to lack of routine.

Don’t let the cold weather interrupt your workouts

Fitness and health Don’t let the cold weather interrupt your workouts

If you can commit to six five-minute routines throughout the day, it is also a workout.

Covid-19 New research links vitamin D deficiency with Covid-19 severity

Researchers stress that this doesn’t mean that we should all start taking vitamin D supplements.




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