Ever been in a situation where passing wind is going to be hugely embarrassing and you’ve had to hold in a fart? Let’s face it – we all have.
The simple mistake many people make is from the start – they don’t know their who, what, why, when, where when it comes to their fitness journeys.
There’s no sure way to prevent bipolar disorder. However, getting treatment at the earliest sign can prevent it worsening.
Humans have discovered an almost infinite amount of ways to have sex — and things to have sex with.
Children with the vitamin deficiency are almost twice as likely to develop aggressive and rule-breaking behaviours.
It’s not just getting outside that is important, it’s being exposed to more greenery.

If you need a mental break from work, don’t check your phone

Using your phone during a break from a mentally challenging task may prevent your brain from recharging.

What you need to know about the contraceptives you are taking

I feel like, in a way, contraceptives punish our decision to procreate on our own terms

WATCH: Five compound exercises for a full-body, calorie-burning workout

WATCH: Five compound exercises for a full-body, calorie-burning workout

If you are serious about keeping in shape and exercise, it’s important to include your exercise programme as part of your work schedule.

Why you should check your blood pressure regularly

Why you should check your blood pressure regularly

If you have persistent unexplained headache, it might be worth it to get your blood pressure checked, since none of the symptoms are specific to the condition.

5 easy ways to beat burnout

Doing something that brings you joy each day will do wonders for your health and overall mood.

Caution: remove false teeth before surgery

Jack, it seems, simply forgot to tell his surgeon at the outset about his dental plate.

Giving antibiotics to children can do more harm than good

A study has shown that children who receive more than two courses of antibiotics in a year are more resistant to treatments than other children.

Four bodyweight exercises from celebrity trainers

Bodyweight exercises can help with better balance, range of movement, and getting that well-rounded look.

The age you hit puberty could impact bone strength later in life

New research suggests that teens who start puberty later could have an increased risk of bone fractures when they are older.

Bored of the gym? Try joining a sports club instead

Indoor beach sports are a perfect way of getting fit while having fun and socialising with friends.

What you need to know about gestational diabetes

You’re more likely to develop the condition if you’re significantly overweight, with a BMI of 30 or higher.

How to get perfect abs like your favourite celebrities

Hiking is a good way to tone your whole body – it helps strengthen your quadriceps, glutes, hips, lower legs and hamstrings.

Drinking coffee at night won’t keep you up – but tobacco and alcohol will

New research has revealed how habits such as drinking and smoking in the evening could affect our sleep that night.

New hormone injection helps obese patients lose weight

The findings showed that patients who received the treatment lost on average 4.4 kg and experienced no side effects.




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