There are many bogus ‘treatments’ on the market and in newspapers – try and avoid those.
From heart disease and type 2 diabetes to lower cholesterol and weight loss, super-nutritious moringa, which is rich in antioxidants, has been praised for its many and varied health benefits for thousands of years.
Running on a treadmill provides some relief.
Surgeons in Australia have managed to restore arm function in paralysed patients, allowing them to feed themselves, use tools and handle electronic devices, according to the results of a groundbreaking study released Friday. Thirteen young adults who had suffered spinal injuries rendering them tetraplegic underwent several operations and intense physiotherapy in the largest ever application […]
Squats are a great way of building strength as they can be done using your own body as resistance.
Doing these eight things will stop you from shivering.

How to lower the chance of still births

The study looked at a total of 15,124,027 pregnancies, 17,830 stillbirths and 2,348 newborn deaths.

How much should your child’s backpack weigh?

Too much weight in a schoolbag can cause health and developmental problems.

Could marijuana be an effective alternative to prescription medications?

New research has shown that marijuana could be an effective treatment for pain and insomnia.

Akeso treats addiction and mental health in tandem

The programme also assists those with gambling, sex or pornography, and online gaming addiction.

Facebook to treat bogus medical ‘cures’ like spam

Members of groups like ‘Natural healing + foods’ will now see fewer posts from other group members in their news feeds

Grandparents need to take better care of medicines around children – study

When visiting grandchildren, 72 percent of grandparents keep medications in their purse or bag.

Five exercises you can do in your car

Don’t waste those hours you spend commuting.

34% of politicians show signs of ‘psychological disturbance or mental ill health’ – study

Job insecurity, cyberbullying and even fears of being attacked and stalked, all add up to an extremely high pressured lifestyle.

Using Whatsapp is good for your health – study

Study participants reported using WhatsApp for around 55 minutes each day, with participants reporting that they largely use it because of its popularity and group chat function.

Why you should use sports to travel the world

Planning in advance is a good way to tick off the list of places you want to see locally or internationally.

What you need to know about female sexual dysfunction

Sexual problems often develop when you have an imbalance of your hormones, such as after having a baby or during menopause.

‘I’m not me’: A bizarre disorder leaves people feeling distant from their bodies

Becoming a stranger to myself took me to the edge. In exile from my body, I was terrified of being trapped within the void of self and succumbing to the desire for suicide.

Selfies: ‘A dangerous and powerful addiction’

‘If not dealt with in a playful manner, it can become something of a disease’.

Cure for baldness imminent – study

Stem cells are providing the breakthrough to the possible solution.




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