New research released this week has found more evidence that a loss of taste and smell are symptoms of Covid-19.
Contrary to the popular belief that seniors are lonelier than young people, there was actually a steady decrease in loneliness as people age.
Money and employment were reported as being significant areas of worry for the participants.
Individuals with dementia are not one of the at-risk groups who are encouraged to stay at home because of a pre-existing condition.
For world Menstrual Hygiene Day, a South African-based company specialising in providing natural solutions for common women’s health issues is looking to shed a light on a condition known as menorrhagia.
MS is often diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 and is more frequent in women.

Covid-19 Non-medical cloth masks can limit transmission of Covid-19

Researchers found that current knowledge is sufficient to justify a recommendation to wear cloth masks.

Fitness and health Taking up a hobby may help stave off depression

Researchers say the findings support the idea of ‘social prescribing’, which encourages patients to engage in group activities that involve hobbies.

Fitness and health 5 tips to maintain your weight after Eid

After fasting for an entire month, it is possible that your body may have adapted to high-salt and fat-laden foods.

Fitness and health Washing hands six to 10 times a day could cut risk of seasonal coronaviruses

New research has found that a moderate frequency of handwashing could lower the risk of picking up a seasonal coronavirus infection.

Try these five compound exercises for a full-body workout

Fitness and health Try these five compound exercises for a full-body workout

Compound exercises target more than one muscle group at a time. A simple one is a squat.

Covid-19 WATCH: It’s back to gym for fitness enthusiasts in Soweto

According to the Level 3 lockdown regulations, there will be no more restrictions on outdoor exercise.

The vital health checks you need to get

Fitness and health The vital health checks you need to get

Regular health screenings and tests can help find problems before they start.

Covid-19 Patients with severe Covid-19 may suffer from insomnia, depression later

Certain disorders, such as anxiety and PTSD, may persist for months or even years in patients severely affected by the disease.

Fitness and health 10 things that happen to your body when you stop drinking alcohol

After just a week of sobriety, your skin will begin to look smoother and more youthful as hydration increases and inflammation settles down.

Fitness and health Japan newborn gets liver stem cells in world first

The baby, whose sex has not been disclosed, received a liver transplant from its father.

Fitness and health Why you shouldn’t exercise too much during quarantine

Pushing your body too far can have adverse effects and result in injury and fatigue.

Fitness and health Eating dairy every day may lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure

Eating two or three servings each day could reduce the risk of certain health conditions, according to new research.

Fitness and health WATCH: The best positions for a good night’s sleep

Scientists say that sleeping positions impact the overall quality of sleep one gets at night and that there are several ways to improve sleep posture.




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