Part one of three: Overcoming the unprecedented challenge of getting millennials to invest for retirement.
Mikayla Collins from NFB Private Wealth answers a question from a reader who wants to know what the benefits would be of investing a lump sum into a retirement annuity at retirement.
‘The secret to investing is addressing the right risk at the right time.’
Navigating the choppy waters of helping kids to buy property.
You can now contribute up to 27.5% of your total remuneration to an employer’s retirement fund.
A reader’s personal finance questions answered.

Educating the kids on finance

A reader’s youth finance questions answered.

The mother lode for young entrepreneurs

‘Be Bold’ is building entrepreneurship fervour at tertiary institutions.

High-equity balanced funds struggling

But is changing course a good idea?

Retiring from an umbrella fund

Compared: umbrella funds allowing members to stay on as a retired member within the fund.

Do I really need dread-disease cover?

How can I determine how much cover I need? Should I not rather use the money and invest it in shares or a unit trust?

How do I know my savings are on track?

In this advice column Aviwe Gijana from Alexander Forbes answers a question from a reader who isn’t sure if he’s saving enough.

How to get wealthier

Your pay check is responsible for only 30% of your accumulating wealth or not – Paul Leonard – Citadel.

How to invest in turbulent times

Pay off debts first and make sure you’ve got an emergency fund – Wouter Fourie.

Why investing is like choosing a husband (or not)

My dad once said that when you weigh someone as a potential husband you should keep your eyes wide open.

How to choose an annuity

A higher level of initial income is not the only thing to think about.

Diversity and patience – the secrets to real wealth

There are no substitutes for diversification and time.

Advisors must decide – tied or independent

Advisors must decide as the FSB refines its proposals for RDR’s implementation.

Sanlam sees analytics boosting Personal Finance business

[Watch] ‘We are going to stay the course’ on Africa – CEO, Ian Kirk.



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