Pay off debts first and make sure you’ve got an emergency fund – Wouter Fourie.
My dad once said that when you weigh someone as a potential husband you should keep your eyes wide open.
A higher level of initial income is not the only thing to think about.
There are no substitutes for diversification and time.
Advisors must decide as the FSB refines its proposals for RDR’s implementation.
[Watch] ‘We are going to stay the course’ on Africa – CEO, Ian Kirk.

Personal Finance Tax, lending and love: when family needs a break

What are the tax implications of making a loan to a family member?

Personal Finance How should you invest today?

This is not the time to put money into index funds and ETFs says Oasis’ Adam Ebrahim.

Personal Finance Taking charge of your debt

The middle to upper market is consuming more debt to sustain lifestyles.

Personal Finance Be careful when purchasing a new home

You could be liable for the previous owner’s property debt.

Personal Finance Beware share trading taxes

Reader’s questions answered.

Personal Finance What the national minimum wage should be

If too low, it will be meaningless. If too high, the economy will perish.

Personal Finance SA retail hedge funds now available to investors

Two hedge fund offerings have been launched by Novare.

Personal Finance Tax breaks not the only reason to invest in RAs

‘It also offers flexibility and protection.’

Personal Finance How to draft a retirement plan

Reader’s retirement question answered.

Personal Finance Capital guaranteed with new Investec rand-hedge product

Offers investors exposure to growing consumer economies.



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