Use bank’s toolkit: the essential guide for small-business owners.
Investing is a lot simpler than people think, but it’s always daunting because it’s your money.
Even if inflation spikes during a downgrade spiral, growth assets remain important – MacroSolutions.
Wouldn’t we all like to live in a world where we can get the full return on investments without being taxed on any of the growth we’ve earned?
Provident fund members have best of both worlds – saving for retirement in a tax shelter then being able to take 100% of savings as a cash lump sum on retirement.
In this advice column Riette Coetzee from Alexander Forbes answers a reader who wants to know whether he really needs a financial advisor.

How to retire wealthy

Some simple lessons for every investor aiming at enjoying a comfortable old-age.

‘Opportunity awaits’ savvy SA investors following Brexit mayhem

The Brexit has resulted in instability in financial markets around the world and knocked value off many currencies.

SA is loving tax-free saving

But the majority of them are cash investments with banks.

Feeling poor? It’s not your imagination

SA’s middle class is being crushed by rising inflation and declining asset values.

Ins and outs of unit trust investing

Debating active versus passive management, entry levels and fees – Gary Booysen, portfolio manager, RandSwiss.

Tax questions vital in direct, offshore investments

Currency losses may be aggravated by certain tax consequences.

Do I need to file a tax return?

Piet Nel, head of the School of Applied Tax at the SA Institute of Tax Professionals, answers a reader’s questions about when to submit a tax return.

Six rules for financial stability

Anton Prinsloo from PSG in Silverlakes, Pretoria, advises a young reader who is caring for her parents and two siblings on her financial future.

Golden rules for a successful retirement

People underestimate how quickly retirement does approach – Jenna Hartley, investor consultant – 10X Investments.

Cracking the millennial investment code

Part one of three: Overcoming the unprecedented challenge of getting millennials to invest for retirement.

Why should I contribute to a retirement annuity?

Mikayla Collins from NFB Private Wealth answers a question from a reader who wants to know what the benefits would be of investing a lump sum into a retirement annuity at retirement.



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