FNB have added incentive by doubling fuel rewards if account holders finance their cars through Wesbank, load their vehicles on the FNB app, and fill up at Engen.
FNB is offering additional value across all its accounts, something that it hopes will make customers less likely to switch to rivals.
Other factors which may affect food prices included the domino effect of the trade war between China and the US.
A special needs child’s diagnosis, severity, prognosis and life expectancy all impact a parent’s financial-planning process.
If an employer buys cover and reduces their domestic worker’s salary by the premium amount, the employee will still be in a better financial position, with good insurance.
Advisors can add enormous value by being the independent, objective voice of reason that helps investors avoid the mistakes emotional and cognitive biases lead to.

Making financial room for a new arrival

New parents underestimate the costs, here’s what to consider.

South Africans are the biggest borrowers in the world

Most South Africans have no choice but to go into debt for everyday items such as cell phones and vehicles.

Top 10 things South Africans asked Google about money last year

South Africans are looking for alternative ways to earn a bit more money, and are trying to make their money go further in these tough times.

Impending changes to the taxation of foreign employment of SA residents

The change only impacts individuals who are South African tax residents.

The best way to finance your car

Six financing scenarios for a vehicle priced at R200 000 show how short-term ease of repayment can translate into substantial pain later.

What if the banks froze you out?

Does being able to close company accounts give banks too much power?

Prepare for new foreign income tax now or get hit hard later

Under the new legislation, South African tax residents abroad will be required to pay tax of up to 45% of their foreign employment income.

How to halve your home loan term

Disciplined additional payments make a big difference.

Parents feel the back-to-school money pain

Primary school parents are expected to feel the ‘Januworry’ crunch this month with crippling Grade 1 school uniform and stationery prices meaning some parents could spend as much as R3,000 per child.

Court ruling provides some relief for borrowers

The maximum interest rate on second loans has been reduced.

An open letter to consumers from a financial advisor

All I ask is that at the very least you have the courage to treat me with the respect that I have earned and allow me the opportunity to listen.

What to consider when planning for retirement

We will all reach a stage where we will have to retire from our jobs. When this day eventually comes, we need to ensure that we are in a space to retire comfortably.

Personal finance every Monday in The Citizen

In The Citizen’s Business section, we target those struggling to keep their heads above water.

If you’re lucky, your take-home pay picked up a notch

According to a report, South Africa’s average formal sector take-home pay is 5.8% higher than January 2017.



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