Be honest and build a good relationship with your credit provider.
There are several high-level considerations when deciding whether or not a rental property is a good investment.
And where can I find other solutions to gear my commercial property?
How to handle a non-paying tenant during the easing lockdown
South Africa is seeing a ‘slow relaxation’ of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions related to the residential property market, but it’s still good news, says Michelle Dickens, managing director of TPN Credit Bureau.
It is important to have a holistic view of your entire balance sheet before making a decision.
Could I lose my pension in the Covid-19 crisis?
A Moneyweb reader asked: ‘I got retrenched in 2019. I am currently a paid-up member of my ex-employer’s pension scheme. I haven’t preserved or cashed my pension as yet. Can I lose my pension during this crazy coronavirus period? What would be better to do – cash or preserve – under the current unusual circumstances?’

Personal Finance Can I capitalise on the bear market by doing an RA/LA swop?

Retirement annuities, living annuities – any investment decision should be considered within the requirements of a financial plan.

Personal Finance Should I continue with my home purchase after lockdown?

In the current environment you may find that it comes within the price range of more buyers, but there are a number of factors to consider.

Personal Finance Inflow into gold exchange-traded funds accelerates

NewGold and 1nvest Gold have issued new stock to meet demand from investors.

Personal Finance The ‘cheapest’ way to finance a payment holiday

It is not as simple as skipping three payments and then adding three.

Personal Finance Covid-19: A case for couples to engage in joint financial planning

If you do not have insight into each other’s financial affairs, a medical emergency or tragedy can blindside you financially.

Personal Finance How can I reduce my Income Tax?

Being a tax swallow can help you save enormous amounts in current and future taxes.

Money The lockdown is an opportunity to teach your children about money

With lockdown under way in South Africa and extra time with your children, grab this opportunity to spend some of the time teaching your children about money.

Personal Finance Financial tips to consider in a time of coronavirus

The reality is that no one is safe from the possibility of contracting the coronavirus and all of us must ensure that our finances are ready in case of a healthcare emergency.

Personal Finance Should I take a bond on paid-up rental property to invest offshore?

It wouldn’t be wise to put yourself in debt to fund an offshore investment.

Personal Finance I’ve inherited R200k. What’s the best way to invest it?

There are several factors that need to be considered before embarking on your investment journey.

Personal Finance Lost your income? Your credit insurance could cover your payments for a year

Maya Fisher-French says the banks themselves have not been advertising these facts, and the one bank she spoke to apparently needed a timely reminder itself.

Plan to make the most of your retired years

Personal Finance Plan to make the most of your retired years

When it comes to numbers and retirement, the digits that enjoy the most attention in retirement planning is your retirement number – the amount you would need to have in retirement savings to enjoy a comfortable old age.

Is right now actually a great time to buy shares on the JSE?

Personal Finance Is right now actually a great time to buy shares on the JSE?

The past month has seen the most brutal stock market crash that most investors have experienced.



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