It is almost as if employers like Lonmin are trying to provoke the unions, mining expert Dick Forslund says.
He added that, in spite of the criticism being levelled at the government’s national health insurance plans, it would go ahead.
The former CEO now wants its members declared in contempt of court as well as delinquent.
The annual report for the year to end-March 2017 was the last that SAA published, and nobody knows when the 2018 report will be done.
The SABC confirmed that the board will be interviewing potential candidates for the COO role this week.
The Small Enterprise Foundation has disbursed R8.7 billion in loans to people who do not qualify for traditional bank loans, and has created close to 200 000 jobs.

Why SA’s employment target is set to fail – expert

South Africa’s manufactured exports have grown far slower than its peers and manufactured exports are well below potential.

Steinhoff wants more time to complete restructuring

The company may sell shares in an attempt to obtain funds for the next phase of its recovery plan.

We might be able to avoid turning to the IMF for a bailout – Kganyago

The Reserve Bank governor says we can avoid what some economists believe will be our fate if hard decisions are made.

‘Devastating’ Moody’s downgrade for Mangaung over poor liquidity, risk of default

The Democratic Alliance has issued a statement on the ratings agency’s decision, calling it a ‘devastating blow’.

SA’s unemployment problems rooted in exponential population growth

The economy added 25 000 jobs compared to a year ago, but the labour force increased by 598 000 work seekers, as migrants from Africa continue to arrive in SA.

Steep rise in civil construction tender activity ‘encouraging’

The nominal estimated value of civil construction projects out to tender was up by 38.6% on a year-on-year basis in the second quarter.

Wall St suffers worst losses of 2019 on US-China trade war

Stocks pushed lower and went lower still after Chinese media reported that Chinese firms have stopped buying US farm produce.

Politics essential in restoring confidence in SA’s economic prospects

The corruption and mismanagement that characterised the Zuma presidency sucked confidence out of the economy, and South Africa’s GDP growth has stagnated.

Competition Tribunal makes history as first black female chairperson appointed

Following her appointment by President Cyril Ramaphosa as the new chairperson, Mondo Mazwai will lead the Competition Tribunal from Thursday August 1.

Petrol price to go up by 11 cents, diesel price to decrease

The price of diesel 0.05% sulphur will decrease by 13.29 cents and that of diesel 0.005% sulphur will go down by 14.29 cents per litre.

Sanral to issue road construction tenders worth R40bn

Could help lift the construction sector out of the doldrums if done right.

Denel employees could be in trouble with Sars

State-owned arms manufacturer accused of not paying payroll deductions over to the relevant bodies.

Eskom’s turnaround will not happen in 18 months – experts

That target is unrealistic and over-optimistic, energy experts agree, with one saying it could take up to 10 years to get the utility back on track.

Denel to pursue legal action against former bosses to recover losses

The SOE’s CEO says the entity has initiated several forensic investigations into alleged fraud and misappropriation of funds.



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