The lender noted SA’s commitment to ‘transparently monitor and report’ Covid-19 spend soon after Ramaphosa said he’ll act on corruption
Law enforcement is ill-equipped and overburdened, and the legal process creates incentives to fight to the death.
‘My landlord even closes the doors of our workspace because we haven’t paid. Even paying for my house rental has been tough.’ The wedding industry opens up about how Covid-19 has affected them.
This means the industry, which provides 75% of public transport, should become formalised and regulated, and government should stop marginalising it.
Joe Public is proudly new SA
No window-dressing: 60% ownership with clear voting rights.
Government must stop politicising the pandemic, extend relief by redirecting SOE funds and cut the red tape so funding can be used now.

Business Insight Insight: The electrician, Nomvula Mokonyane and the Bosasa home repairs

The commission’s team, together with an apprentice electrician who had been involved in the work that was carried out, paid a visit to Mokonyane’s residence.

Business Insight Get ready for an August peak in stock prices

Cycle theory has a pretty good track record in calling out the tops and bottoms.

Business Insight How the auditors keep dodging the fraud bullet

KPMG auditor Sipho Malaba failed to raise any red flags in VBS Bank statements and provided a falsified regulatory audit opinion.

Business Insight Barclays to offer private banking services in SA

It is targeting the ultra-rich, family offices, and corporate clients.

Business Insight Zimbabwe: On the edge again?

A Zimbabwean shopper in a Harare supermarket shook his head, grumbling as he returned a loaf of bread to a rack after finding the price had jumped by a third and he could no longer afford it.

Business Insight Here’s what the budget didn’t say, including tax increases

The fact that no tax policy announcements were made indicates that Treasury requires more time to contemplate these changes.

Tripartite alliance’s conflicts could stunt economic recovery – analysts

Business Insight Tripartite alliance’s conflicts could stunt economic recovery – analysts

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni doesn’t seem to have Ramaphosa’s backing, and his decisions are being hampered because alliance partners are pulling in different directions, they say.

Business Insight Lockdown sees SMMEs countrywide suffer, survey finds

‘Respondents noted that sales were reduced in the past three months and they were expecting it to reduce significantly in the future.’

Business Insight How Chappies bubble gum can help you understand inflation

An asset manager has urged young South Africans to become investment-savvy.

Business Insight eBucks changes explained

Instant Smart Spend rewards, fewer Slow Lounge visits and other tweaks.

Business Insight Farmers ask Ramaphosa to lift the lockdown and leave people’s fate in their own hands

The TLU SA says the chaos surrounding the opening of schools proves government’s ‘incompetence and inadequacy’ and it would be better to just let people take responsibility for their own safety.



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