In the report, it states that underperformers try to style themselves as whistle-blowers when called to account. 
Though it is illegal, children’s grants and temporary grants are widely used as collateral for debt, the Black Sash and the London School of Economics and Political Science found.
SA economy in V-shaped recession with W-shaped recovery
There is no reason for optimism about the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the country’s economy.
Long term, the risks far outweigh any potential upside, not to mention the missed opportunity in investing that extra few thousand a month elsewhere for much higher returns.
After almost a week of outcry and nationwide protests over the TRESemmé advert on Clicks’ website, Wits University senior lecturer Danai Mupotsa is skeptical about the apologies issued by these companies.
South Africa’s interest rate is the lowest in several years. Is it a good time to sell or buy?
Are we going to work from home forever?

Business Insight Are we going to work from home forever?

Many people were forced to work from home when the lockdown started at the end of March and many continued to work from home as lockdown was eased. The world of work has definitely changed. Will we work from home forever now?

Business Insight The cost of corona: SA will need R3.4trn to recover

Tax under collection, subdued economic growth, tax dodgers and the growth of the illicit economy are all contributing factors that will make economic recovery difficult.

Business Clicks CEO says juniors responsible for ‘racially insensitive’ advert

Speaking on Bongani Bingwa’s ‘Breakfast Show’ on 702, CEO of Clicks Vikesh Ramsunder said he was shocked when he saw the ad.

Business Insight Clicks faces EFF’s wrath, but brand damage could be even worse

‘What people look for in brands is knowing that you care about them. What Clicks did, contradicted that,’ one expert said.

Business Insight In numbers: How quickly our economic outlook has changed

Comparing the latest economic forecasts with those of six months ago shows a marked worsening of expectations.

Business Galipods: A flaming hot business in a box

Operating out of containers in impoverished rural areas achieving a turnover of between R150,000 and R250,000 a month.

Business Steinhoff investors question hefty advisor fees

Investors logged into the South African company’s virtual annual meeting held Friday protested against the extent of fees paid to various advisers

Business Insight Insight: How corruption is deeply rooted in SA’s past and why that matters

Corruption has been a constant feature of South African political life for much of the past 350 years. It is deeply embedded and it will take a concerted effort, over years, not days, to defeat it.

Business Insight Fiscal cliff: SA’s financial crisis only months away

Big showdown expected when Mboweni tables mid-term budget in October.

Business Insight Where did it go wrong: How two ANC-run municipalities can be so different

Steve Tshwete and eMalahleni are neighbouring municipalities in Mpumalanga run by the same party, but with very different financial performances.

Business Four people who turned their side hustle into successful businesses

From side-hustle to full-time businesses, here’s how people are making the most of the pandemic.

Business Insight What to do: You, the taxman and those new auto-assessments

The options available to the taxpayer are ‘accept’, ‘edit’, or ‘do nothing.’ Before November 16.

Business Insight Booze, smokes and travel: Ramaphosa’s expected Level 2 address gets mixed reactions

The big debate always boils down to the readiness of the health system to face a potential onslaught of Covid-19 cases, versus the need for the economy to fully function in order to save jobs.

Business Insight ‘W-shaped’ recovery for residential property market, predicts FNB

‘Our initial expectations were for the pandemic to have a more chilling and lingering impact on activity, with pent-up demand filtering through only later this year.’

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