The public broadcaster’s deputy chairperson Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi has slammed the process, saying it has already had a ‘serious impact on staff morale’.
Why Telkom is undervalued
The state’s plans for company have more sway over the group’s valuation.
Pension funds have been legally challenging the prescriptive Regulation 35(4) addition to the Pension Funds Act (PFA) around actuarial surpluses and contingency reserve accounts for years.
Low-paid, poor-quality, depleting work needs to be recognised for what it is: unsustainable, deeply damaging and costly for any society.
Environmental, social, and corporate governance – a fixed income game changer
There is however a need to be pragmatic in this area. It is possible, for instance, to make a sound case for investing in carbon-intensive companies.

Business Insight Misdiagnosing the cause of the country’s economic woes

One implication is that the government is spending money it does not have, worsening its indebtedness to the point of implosion.

Business Insight Watch live: Tito Mboweni delivers Medium-Term Budget

“The ability of government to digs in its heels to curb expenditure growth will determine how successful it is in stabilising the debt ratio in the next five to ten years.”

Business Insight Show us the money, Tito

“I am glad I am not him. Our economic situation is getting exceptionally bad and he has to say where the money will come from for the president’s plan.”

MTBPS: Will Mboweni be able to close the mouth of the hippopotamus?

Business Insight MTBPS: Will Mboweni be able to close the mouth of the hippopotamus?

The Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement is expected to be a stark and difficult statement of SA’s financial outlook.

Business Insight Positioning South Africa for a green recovery

Sustainable finance may not yet be as mainstream locally as it is globally, but it is gathering momentum.

Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan: show us the money

Business Insight Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan: show us the money

Economists are positive over Ramaphosa’s plan to save the country’s economy, but question where the money will come from to reach his ambitious targets.

Mboweni’s rocky road to economic reconstruction and recovery

Business Insight Mboweni’s rocky road to economic reconstruction and recovery

“We already have too many plans, what we need is more implementation. More plans will not help and the president did refer in a recent speech to the need for implementation.” – Prof. Jannie Rossouw, interim head of the Wits Business School

Business Insight ‘New normal’ for domestic workers: joblessness and debt

Despite increased financial responsibility, domestic workers’ earnings dropped from 63% earning more than R2500 before the pandemic hit, to 74% earning less than R2500 currently.

Business Insight US futures sink with Asia, Europe stocks after Trump tests positive for Covid-19

The White House cancelled a planned campaign rally in the crucial swing state of Florida on Friday, and 32 days before the November 3 vote against Democrat Joe Biden, it also looked certain Trump would have to cancel a slew of other trips scheduled for this weekend and next.

Business How much house can you buy on an average salary?

Gerhard Kotzé says couples who are buying a home together can use their total household disposable income to gauge how much house to buy.

Business Insight Competition Commission worried about food price hikes during lockdown

There is likely little concern for any lasting effects from the pandemic’s initial impact on the market, at least for the products considered by the Competition Commission in its second quarterly report on Essential Food Pricing.

Business Insight Eskom COO report: ‘Underperformers’ are ‘styling’ themselves as whistleblowers

In the report, it states that underperformers try to style themselves as whistle-blowers when called to account. 

Business Insight This is how lenders prey on social grant recipients – report

Though it is illegal, children’s grants and temporary grants are widely used as collateral for debt, the Black Sash and the London School of Economics and Political Science found.

SA economy in V-shaped recession with W-shaped recovery

Business SA economy in V-shaped recession with W-shaped recovery

There is no reason for optimism about the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the country’s economy.

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