Gold may top $1 500/oz by mid-year And send silver over $20/oz.
The matter now shifts to compensation negotiations which won’t likely be staid.
The industry is in a full blown recession.
But will it ultimately lead to Jacob Zuma’s ousting?
Some concern about the latest Sars VAT Guide.
On Monday Zimbabwe celebrates 36 years of Independence.

SA’s economy has stagnated

BETI reflects that the economy is growing, but at subdued rate.

Guptas account action – just the start?

May set precedent for actions against other ‘prominent influential persons’.

Zinc price horizon brightens on mine closures

Renewed price optimism as tighter supply is expected to decrease stockpiles.

Puppet masters looking like lepers

Gupta family’s departure raises more questions.

SA’s schizophrenic approach to policymaking

We could be in much bigger trouble than we think, if policy harmony isn’t achieved.

Discovery April Rewards changes mostly good

It would be hard to argue that you’re exercising less than before…

Guptas in financial quarantine as corporate SA closes ranks

Fourth financial firm cuts ties with Gupta owned Oakbay Resources.

What? Why the rand will continue strengthening

Global sentiment and better domestic economic prospects could have a positive effect.

Is down the rand’s only direction?

Experts say it depends on US economic data.

Capitec grows among wealthier customers

Will introduce a credit card later this year.

The long, dry ATM hunt

A (continued) analysis of the big four banks.

Labour – bloodbaths and choppy waters

The clash between politics and the economy has contributed to the downturn of labour force participation.

The best handset deals in SA

MTN and Cell C top the list.

Mythbusting impact investing

‘It may still be difficult for retirement funds to access these investments.’



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