Celebrating the best ‘Made in Africa’ brands

PICTURE: Wikimediacommons

PICTURE: Wikimediacommons

Africa’s most admired home-grown brands will be unveiled in Johannesburg on Thursday when Brand Africa 100 is released at a gala event at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The Brand Africa listing of the 100 most admired and most valuable African brands is compiled by Brand Leadership Group in partnership with Brand Finance, the world’s leading independent valuation consultancy, TNS, the globally respected consumer knowledge and information company, and Geopoll, the leading mobile survey platform with a database of nearly 200 million users in emerging markets.

“These rankings are an important metric of the progress Africa is making in building ‘Made in Africa’ brands and challenging the dominant non-African brands in Africa, which over the years have accounted for 80 percent of the most admired brands in Africa and a dominant 99 percent share of the value of the Top 100,” the founder and chairman of Brand Africa Thebe Ikalafeng said.

He said that while non-African brands dominated Africa because of volumes, historical admiration and investment, it was important for Africa’s ultimate economic independence that it competed for a larger share of its own consumer base.

“Equally, the licence for non-African brands to thrive in Africa will be determined no longer by history and economic might, but by how they adapt to the evolving and increasingly assertive African consumer who demands brands that reflect their needs, conditions and ambitions,” he added.

The rankings, launched in 2011 at the second Brand Africa Forum, have been held in Johannesburg in partnership with Brand South Africa; in Nairobi in partnership with the Kenyan Securities Exchange; and in New York in partnership with African Business on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

This year, the scope has been vastly expanded from a base of eight countries to 22 countries, making it the most representative and comprehensive pan-African study on brands.




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