South Africa 9.6.2017 12:10 pm

Media application delays Mantsoe bail application

Sandile Mantsoe. Image: Twitter

Sandile Mantsoe. Image: Twitter

Mantsoe has been behind bars for about a month after he allegedly murdered and set Karabo Mokoena’s body alight.

The case of Sandile Mantsoe, who allegedly murdered and then burnt the body of his girlfriend of seven months, Karabo Mokoena, was postponed on Friday in the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court after an application by media house Times Media Group to have the proceedings broadcast.

When proceedings began on Friday morning, Magistrate Carlo Labuschagne told the court there would be two proceedings, the first one being the media application and the second the bail application.

Mantsoe stood in the dock in a black jacket and a white shirt.

Lindi Nkosi-Thomas, from the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) told the court that by agreement between both parties, the media access application would be postponed to June 23 for argument.

“Subject to your approval we ask that you make an order,” she said.

Mantsoe has been behind bars for about a month after he allegedly murdered and set Mokoena’s body alight, and buried her in a shallow grave in Bramley.

Labuschagne made an order that the opposing affidavits had to be submitted by June 16 and told the defence and the state that he did not want to prolong the bail application, as it was infringing on the rights of Mantsoe.

Family and friends of both Mokoena and Mantsoe were present in court.

Later the state requested that the bail application also be postponed to June 23.

“We will hear the application, I can’t tell you we will proceed with the application, maybe we can or maybe we have to remand it. I will try do it as quick as possible to not infringe on your rights,” Labuschagne said to Mantsoe.

National Prosecution Authority (NPA) spokesperson Phindi Mjonodwane said: “As the state, we stand by the court as you can recall the media brought an application to film and state and defence opposed.”

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