South Africa 19.5.2017 01:32 pm

PE cop accused of ‘protecting’ gangster lover set to plead guilty



The case against Constable Alicia Beeming continued in the PE Magistrate’s Court where she faces a charge of defeating the ends of justice.

A former member of the Port Elizabeth gang task team who kept mum on the whereabouts of a notorious gangster – also her then secret lover – has decided to plead guilty to charges against her.

The case against Constable Alicia Beeming continued in the Port Elizabeth Magistrates’ Court on Friday, where she faces a charge of defeating the ends of justice.

During court proceedings on Friday, the state was ready to proceed with the case. However, Beeming’s lawyer placed on record that the police officer would plead guilty to the charge against her.

Beeming continues to work within the police despite being found guilty for misconduct at her internal departmental hearing. She paid a fine of R2 400.

Following her departmental hearing during November last year, Beeming was sent back to her station of origin at the Motherwell police station, where she works within the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit.

According to the indictment, Beeming kept silent about her relationship with a high-ranking gang member, Hans Jordaan, all the while while she was an active specialist investigator probing gang activity in Port Elizabeth’s northern areas.

The charge sheet reads that Beeming would attend meetings held by the commander of the unit, Captain Mike Grobler, during which gangs, gang activities and wanted suspects were identified and discussed.

Beeming had access to both covert and overt intelligence, as well as case dockets investigated by the Gang Task Team unit, all of which were privileged information.

According to the state, the cop allegedly had information on the whereabouts of Jordaan but kept mum about it while her unit was searching for him in connection with an attempted murder charge related to a gang shooting in 2014.

The state alleges that Beeming had a relationship with Jordaan while fully knowing that he was a suspect the Gang Task Team wanted to arrest.

The prosecution said she had failed to inform her commander, Grobler, about their relationship. Beeming was stationed at the Humewood police station detective branch before being transferred to the SA Police Service gang task team during April 2014.

The case was postponed until June 20 for Beeming’s guilty plea.

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