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Brave man swoops in to save wife from intruder in PE

Image credit: ThinkStock

Image credit: ThinkStock

The couple were visiting their son when a man entered the house and started gathering goods to steal.

An intruder did not know what he was in for when he came face-to-face with the husband of a woman he attempted to assault and rob in a Port Elizabeth home on Wednesday.

Basil Duvenage, 59, and his wife Beverley were visiting their son in Port Elizabeth when a man entered the house and started gathering goods to steal. The couple were busy helping their son get the property ready to rent it out.

Duvenhage, a biker from East London, was outside when he heard his wife scream and rushed to her rescue. In the meantime, a scuffle had ensued between the suspect and Beverley.

Photo: ANA.

Photo: ANA.


“As I got into the house, he pushed her into the passageway, he then let her go, and I carried on coming in. He didn’t know that I was there, and at that time, I didn’t realise that he had grabbed [hurt] my wife at all,” Duvenhage said.

He added that the intruder had already packed up some items in bags and came at him with a headbutt.

“He just hit my top lip, and I had a bit of a bloody mouth afterwards, I then pulled him over and put him down, as I realised that he could have had anything in his pockets, so I managed to keep his hands away from his clothing, I got him by his throat and cut his hair off a little bit,” he said.

Duvenage said the intruder got hold of his wife’s hands and arms, and she was in pain as she suffered from arthritis, but he expected Beverley to recover fully.

The suspect was left limping and bleeding from an injury sustained in the fight but refused medical treatment from emergency services who attended the scene.

Duvenage said that as a family from East London, they were not used to this sort of “free-for-all” crime, but commended Humewood police for their swift assistance.

Police spokesperson Captain Johan Rheeder confirmed the incident and said the suspect faced charges of house robbery.

– African News Agency

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