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Traffic cops forced to use own cars after municipal property attached – report

Picture: Alaister Russell

Picture: Alaister Russell

The mayor’s vehicles in the platinum-rich Greater Tubatse area have apparently also been attached due to nonpayment of a contractor.

A contractor in the platinum-rich Greater Tubatse municipality of Mpumalanga has managed to attach the local government’s vehicles and an investment account, according to a City Press report.

Reportedly, it was the the contractor’s last available option after municipal managers delayed paying Mphaphuli Consulting for work it had done on a R231 million village-electrification project called Operation Mabone.

The Polokwane High Court granted the attachment, which City Press reports “has paralysed the municipality’s traffic department with officers not having vehicles to perform their duties this festive season. This could only change if the municipality paid four invoices of R21.1 million, R3.6 million, R1.8 million and R14.6 million. Other vehicles that have been attached include trucks, earth-moving vehicles and the mayoral vehicles.”

The municipal manager is understood to be trying to take the court decision on appeal despite already racking up legal bills in his unsuccessful attempts to oppose the matter in the high court.

Greater Tubatse is among the 10 worst-run municipalities in the country, according to research group Good Governance Africa.

The municipality’s spokesperson, Kubane Tolo, said that traffic officials were now using their own subsidised vehicles to keep working.

This is not the first time the municipality has been embroiled in drama around suppliers looking to attach its property.

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