South Africa 12.12.2016 11:58 pm

Dlamini slams continued violence against LGBTI community

The minister said the government condemned the ‘barbaric acts’ and called for perpetrators to be punished.

Minister Bathabile Dlamini on Monday said the social protection, community and human development cluster is very concerned about the continued incidents of violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTIs) people.

“As government we condemn these barbaric acts and perpetrators must be punished in terms of the law. The country cannot move forward nor realise its long-term strategic goals if South Africa remains divided.

“Government works hard to realise these goals and the highlight achievement of our 20-year constitution is a Bill that will make hate crimes and hate speech a criminal offence,” Dlamini said.

She appealed to South Africans to play their part in ending racism, sexism and gender based violence especially against women, children and older people. “Let’s promote reconciliation, peace and social cohesion.”

Dlamini also cautioned people to be extremely careful over the holiday period and about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.

“Young people between the ages of 20 and 34 constitute the majority of people who die on our roads. Skilled and economically active people die or are injured in vehicle crashes.”

Dlamini said anyone in need can contact the social development gender based violence command centre’s (CBVCC) toll-free on 0800 428 428 or dial *120*7867#

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