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Madiba: Share your thoughts, memories and messages of condolence

FILE PICTURE: Former South African President Nelson Mandela. PHOTO: AFP.
We call on our readers to share your memories, thoughts and messages of condolence on the passing of Tata Madiba.

Here are just some of the messages we have already received:

“I lived and worked in SA from 71 to 83… Thanks to Madiba SA did not develop into a basket case at is no Zimbabwe. He is in the same league as Ghandi or Martin Luther King. Rest in peace now.” - from an admirer in Russia.

“I’m deeply hurt by passing on of Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. I know there is nothing he could do about our decaying democracy but he was the symbol of where we come and where we are: than for everything Tata we will never forget you.” – Samkelo Lakhe Nyange

“It’s something I cannot believe yet, but I am sure a man like Nelson Mandela will never really die. Love from Germany. May God bless his family and all of South Africa.” – Sibylle


Post your message in the comment section below.

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Total 56 comments
portia2013-12-13 12:08:30
As the sky's roar and shower fall upon ur nation as we say our final goodbyes with broken hearts tears in ours eyes we shall forever celebrate your life and forever love and cherish you
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Mpho Robinson2013-12-12 15:53:31
Tata Madiba sefela se ke go felegetsang ka sona ke Lekunutu le Morena
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Mpho Robinson2013-12-12 15:30:14
Tata Madiba ke rata gogo leboga thata ka lerato la nnete leo o re fileng lona ntleng le tuelo. Wa tlogela dithuto tsa gago le ba lelapa la gago mengwaga ngwaga.Ke eletsa fa nkabo ke na le sebaka sa go go bolelela o sa ntse o le mo botshelong. O kgosi ya dikgosi. Ga wa ka wa nna lesilo.O dutse bophelo jwa gago diatleng tsa ba bogisi ba rona batho ba mmala wa sebilo, wa re kopantsha meraferafe wa se kgetholole batho go ya ka boditshaba. Tlhoka pelaelo O dirile go tlala seatla.Robala ka kagiso Tata.
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karen adebiyi2013-12-12 00:45:24
I hope to always keep the Mandela spirit. I was deeply hurt yesterday when heard about Mandela’s passing. He was one of my hero’s. When I think about his life I gain so much strength. I will always remember him and honor his life. Mandela rest in peace
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Joe Hooper2013-12-12 00:42:57
As with billions of people on earth I am saddened to hear of the physical departure of “Nelson Mandela” (truly a universal hero). Death has never been an enemy to man (human being) if that person is in accord with the universal laws of life death can be a reliever of pain and suffering. Death will be a vehicle to transport you to purer level of life. Every beginning has an end. And every end can have a new beginning. Without a doubt President Nelson Mandela has transitioned to a world (spiritual) that has no time factor. Free at last Free at last, Nelson Mandela is truly free at last. Joe
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James Sager2013-12-12 00:39:08
Nelson Mandela, Attorney-at-Law. Love and respect forever, from a fellow lawyer in the United States of America. Bert E. Sager Washington DC
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Gezell Johannes2013-12-11 09:35:47
Madiba you were an inspiration to us all, I remember being a little girl of 5 seeing you for the first time on that parade. I didn't not know what was happening but I definitely felt the change happening. As a standard 2 child I witnessed the first election and you become president. Growing , change Abuntu thanks for giving us the opportunity to live this today my kids witness your passing.. sad day for all...a man beyond measure you are an inspiration and will be sorely Johannes Family
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Thobekile Twala2013-12-10 18:24:54
As we try to comprehend this profound loss, We also need to celebrate your life and cherish the memories of times we spent with you that no one can steal. As much as we knew you had to go one day, it is not easy to accept and words will do injustice in explaining how much we will miss you. The only consolation is that you will remain in our memories with the admiration for the legacy you left of forgiveness. I wish we could all embrace and practice. Lala Ngoxolo Tata. From Thobekile Twala,
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Siegfried Woidniak2013-12-10 00:47:52
I am proud to tell my kids that Madiba once puthis foot into our residence.
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Tumi Sera2013-12-09 10:31:23
"TATA's day is done. i confess it in tearful voices. Yet i lift my own to say thank you. Thank you, our Gideon. Thank you, our David, our great, courageous man. i will not forget you. i will not dishonour you. i will remember and be glad that you lived among us, that you taught us and that you loved us all. Madiba we are truly indebted to you.Lala Ngoxolo Madiba! “Aaah! Dalibhunga.”
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philip2013-12-09 08:59:59
Rest in peace. You brought us out of the darkness into the light. You were truly the farther of a great nation. May your legacy be carried forward by all in the great South Africa
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Gary Magirazi2013-12-08 20:53:02
Why there is death? Oh Lord have mercy on us, I am really hurt by what happened to my fellow South Africans, if I say you lost I am wrong, but we lost a galant son of Africa. Your loss is our loss and as much as you are hurt, lest we forget him in our lives, we will always remember u Tata Madiba, we say rest in peace Tata Rholihlaha Nelson Madiba Mandela. (In shona we say Zororai Murugare baba Nelson Mandela) Lets mark this day a day to remember. We will be missing you
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Uche Ufearoh2013-12-08 18:09:21
Madiba,you positively inspired humanity.Your legacy will ever remain green in our memory.Rest in peace as you transit unto glorious transcendence.
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Prem Ramadhin2013-12-07 21:53:50
Hamba Kahle Tata Nelson Madiba , R I P Condolences to his wife ,ex wife and all his children and grand children and families . Thank you for our Freedom .
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TT2013-12-07 16:37:23
i cannot define the way i felt from the time it was anounced the passing on of our hero ..uTata mandela then again i am afraid to my stomach for what going to happen to us ..SINCE the leaders inplace has lost it all.. has alaready forgoten what we went through as a country...they have lost focus already ..GOD HAVE MERCY
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tomgaynor2013-12-07 13:34:58
so sorry this great human being has passed on but please god he will look after and guide us from heaven. tom from ireland
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Parker & Khan Incorporated2013-12-07 08:20:40
A Small Tribute to a BIG Man. We express our condolences to the Mandela Family, Relatives and Friends and to the entire Nation! Madiba has left Huge Footprints for us to Step and Grow into. We thank him for the Footprints. R.I.P. Madiba
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mark alcock2013-12-07 07:59:58
Thank you indeed goodly and saintly Sir : " Dear Mr.Nelson Mandela." When a good leader dies so does the nation die, weep and cry ! Uncontrollable- im-pearled--tears-flow in your many homes , and forever kneeling giving thanks in God’s prayer houses . Dumbstruck in a state of shock and sadness along lonely streets , Bereft , grieving the priceless loss of our beloved Bastion of democracy. You exposed the sin of sinful and oppressive whites -- who were so ungodly and unkind to forgiving blacks , white men blindly de-gradating their own black brothers such are the miscreants of a degraded and hateful man. Your saintly forgiving in such a triumphant unselfish way - with agape love arresting evil ,inhumanity and hate . In your imprisoned poverty you grew rich ,but in our many mansions we grew poorer, with God admonishing white supremacy and imperialism.. we know God sent Christ to teach us righteousness and die for our sins, but Madiba ; you were to transform and heal our broken Rainbow land. Guiltily confessing as one of the converted apartheid sinners , who will always recognize your Divine purpose : and treasure your self-less life who mourn your passing , mindful of your noble leadership mimicking a modern day Moses ; manifesting equity and fairness with both tough and kind love , who corrected ills past of evil dark-days ,drunk of voluminous wrongdoings. Forever repenting as indebted but grateful mourners -who -will-still -mourn , your death with solemn grief and deep sad sorrow ,now a-missing the loss of sight that resembled the bright light of the morning star , that warm and passionate shining Holy-Light , who too persevered with patience ,politeness and holiness , who too humanized the de-humanized to see Light , no longer and no more blinded in the abyss of darkest darkness . With God's aid ,you served ,elevated and enlightened His sheep -the lost, in a miraculous and shepherd-like loving-kind way ,much alike , a Biblical parable with the efficacy of educating clever children with an unforgettable moral and non-racial fairy-tale. A land once filled of greedy ,self-serving wrongdoers, but cleansed by forsaking apartheid who regained renewed hope , now co-joined to love and serve our lost- black-brothers ; regretfully your previously disadvantaged and depressed family and children . In our solemn mourning ,united together by our unifying sage leader , our gallant and father of freedom fighters armed with wise principles, especially re-introducing and endorsing the Godly spirited principle of ; “ Ubuntu ! “ Alas ! ... when the crying ,weeping and mourning eventually passes , healing and forgiving will rise up with a joyful re-uniting of heaven and earth , powerfully enabling man and celestial beings to celebrate your completed life ; indeed a special precious,priceless and perennial gift, bestowed from merciful and omniscient God Almighty , commanding us gently to be honest ,holy and incorruptible ,forever edifying ,reminding and encouraging us ; empowered and able to live and serve sin-lessly ,willingly and joyfully too , with natural humility ,grace , love ,gratitude and righteousness too. The end. By Mark Alcock. Thank you for serving us humbly , Mr Nelson Mandela . Glory to God ,for giving us your life to improve mankind for the better ... Amen.
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Norma Heine2013-12-07 05:52:21
During My five years in South Africa I had the opportunity of meeting Madiba. He taught me, with his example, to be a better human being. I absolutely admire the man he was. His kindness,sense of humour and love of life are the greatest signs of a wise man. He made everyone around him happy. He made one feel special. I will always cherish the moments I shared with him and I am sure that he entered Heaven with the sound of trumpets from angels that also admire him.. South Africa should be proud that he belonged to that country and cherish his heritage. !!!!!
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Tamara Neliswa Benya2013-12-07 05:21:59
Rest in peace Madiba! you gave us every particle of yourself, what else ? what else? we love you Tata Wesizwe! beloved World Citizens,don"t mourn too long Madiba left you with lots and lots of assignments , remember?"love one onether!!! lots of love to his family who share him with us.
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kefhilwe neill2013-12-07 01:53:38
Its hard to believe that you are will be missed Tata. May your soul rest in peace
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kathy mauvis2013-12-07 01:02:35
"I am the Captain, I am the Master of My Soul" Rest in Peace Our Prince of Peace
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Pat PP Buso2013-12-06 22:19:40
Umkile uMadib'omde! Hamba kakuhle Ngqolomsila! Uze uphinde ulale kakuhle Yem-yem! Olwakho uhambo uluhambile, ugqatso ulufezile. Singaba safuna ntoni engenye! Phumla ngoxolo!
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Stéphane Nehou2013-12-06 19:36:28
A true leader. The only person that could be admired and adored by all South Africans, even the world. A giant in a mortal man's body. May the current and future leaders of the world follow in your footsteps, even if they are immeasurable. Rest in peace, Madiba. Your light and your generosity will remain for eternity in our minds and our hearts.
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Sam Radebe2013-12-06 18:27:05
The mighty has fallen, but the legacy lives on. May his soul RIP.
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Sam Radebe2013-12-06 18:18:57
May Tata's soul rest in peace. We thank you so much for what you did for the country and the nation. You were God sent and your spirit will live with us forever.
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Lebogang Direko2013-12-06 18:02:07
If it wanst for Tata Madiba where would I possibly be today. He put South Africa on the map.I will celebrate his life with dignity. His legacy will leave on. Love you Tata. May his soul RIP
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linda2013-12-06 17:28:28
We,South Africans have lost an astitude leader with morals,a global icon.Its a pity his legacy will be claimed by corrupt and arrogant present leadership
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Ulrike Domaingo, Austria, Europe2013-12-06 17:10:13
R.I.P - wonderful lightening Man
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sydwell mashele2013-12-06 16:26:07
Mandela has served his purposes in life. Madiba may your soul rest in peace.
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Kiffs2013-12-06 16:11:11
We have lost a Legend,an Icon ,a fellow Comrade ,a Father to the nation...LALA NGO XOLO TATA!
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Christine Kuch2013-12-06 15:37:12
On behalf of the SPCA movement, tribute is paid to our Patron in Chief, Nelson Mandela. Your loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers - as you are in the hearts of us all.
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Dean Masher2013-12-06 13:16:04
You chose reconciliation over division, peace over strife, love over hate, your love for South Africa showed in the decisions you made. Your truly fulfilled you calling in life fro God set on your shoulders the burden of freeing South Africans. You stand head and shoulders above many leaders of your time, and your legacy will live on. My heart is heavy, but I take solace that you are finally resting in peace. Bye Tata!
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Jakavula Investments P/L2013-12-06 12:32:52
Long live Tata Madiba Mandela, Long live!!! Your legacy will stay on. You have made us proud. Let the whole world rejoice because you left us with abundance of wisdom to receive and do. With Love we say, REST IN PEACE.
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CATHY HIPSON2013-12-06 12:31:53
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Linda2013-12-06 12:24:27
The great elephant of the world has fallen.Tata Madiba an Icon!A true Legend!Our Hero!Our Father! Our Presisent. You will be solely missed by all of the world! You are gone now but you will never be forgotten. May your soul rest in peace!Your legacy will live on.
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jamo2013-12-06 12:03:47
Rest in Peace Madiba May the Lord Comfort you in his arms.
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Pinky Cita2013-12-06 11:28:59
Was watching TV last night wen suddenly movie chnged to the sudden death of our Legendary Icon he wil b deeply remembered by his work
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shabana ebrahim2013-12-06 11:26:21
Thank you Madiba. Without you, we the mothers, sisters and daughters of this land would have still been oppressed. Your emphasis on human equality will always resonate in our books. We will always love you. Farewell. Rest in Peace. from: Lenasia Muslim Women's League.
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Howard Mukundu2013-12-06 11:10:58
Very few African leaders know when to leave office! He was one of the chosen few. Farewell to a true African and global icon.
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ARTHI DAYALINGAM2013-12-06 10:59:10
Sincere condolences to the Mandela family. A man of great stature and wisdom. I hope and pray that present leaders willfollow in his footsteps. R.I.P. Great One
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Leon Herbst2013-12-06 10:56:28
Rest in peace Tata Mandela. May your spirit live for ever. We will always remember and miss u Father of our Nation.
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Mucha Bansky2013-12-06 10:37:55
Many want to be like him, but there will only be one Nelson Mandela-Madiba who walked on this earth. RIP you deserve to be Saluted. I salute!!
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ARIZONA BOTHA2013-12-06 09:41:54
Dear Mr Mandela, While the world mourns your death today, I am so happy that you are now with our Heavenly Father. You see Mr Mandela, I am happy that we as a Nation, black and white had you as our leader and mentor. You taught us so much and you made us see that colour means nothing. We breath the same air, if we bleed our blood is red, we feel pain the same way . I thank God Madiba that he came to fetch his angel, you are now at Peace, a peace that you so long longed for. We love you and we will never forget you. You will forever remain in our hearts. Gone too soon but never ever will you be forgotton.
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Bongani2013-12-06 09:35:51
Long live the UNDYING spirit on Nelson Mandela, long live!! Amandlaaaa!!! We as South Africans, particularly blacks, have benefitted a lot from the sacrifices he & his fellow comrades have made & from the pain they endured. I wish to say i will celebrate your fruitful life but i feel sad that ur no more. I think to us you are/were a pillar of strength and source of inspiration. I have seen ANC deteriorating since your ill-health. Is this the end of an era? If i were God i will welcome you with open arms because you have lived and improved the lives of others.
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Samantha Gurtz2013-12-06 09:15:42
Tata Madiba, may you rest in peace knowing that you touched the hearts of millions of South Africans. I pray for all South Africans to remember your legacy. I pray that for the rest of our days we continue to strive for a free and united nation, not seeing eachother as black or white, but seeing eachother as fellow South Africans who share a beautiful country. I pray that as a nation we make you proud. To Graca and family, my deepest condolences for the loss of your husband, father and grand father. RIP Tata Madiba.
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Hendrik Fehsenfeld2013-12-06 08:53:57
Madiba....all we can do now in your absence is to be a part of the dream you brought to life for this country.Everything we think and do,is to place the puzzle-pieces together, through our actions, to complete the the big picture you envisaged for our nation. You rescued this country from rubble,and I sincerely hope that the memory of you becomes the foundation of our nations conscience and fibre.I celebrate you a true legend and hero !!.....wishing you a safe journey...angels await you !
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Mukama Austin Nkutu2013-12-06 08:36:17
Its really a sad day and moment not only for Africa but the whole world for the loss of The Madiba! RIP Nelson Mandela African Icon!
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Thembeka Odumeleng2013-12-06 07:47:07
I dnt nw wht to say abt our nation hero,all i knw thr's no 1 ho cn replace him,We luv u tata u wr a true legent,nd may the lord comfort his family.LaLA NGOXOLO TATA MADIBA.
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Mich2013-12-06 07:36:14
To Graca and family. Our deepest condolences on the loss of your husband, father and grandfather. May you all be blessed with many memories as Nelson's spirit lives on. Graca our hearts go out to you. Strength above all will guide you through this difficult time. Mandela was a true statesman, chief and mentor to many.
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Mich2013-12-06 07:32:58
A light from our household gone a voice we love is stilled. A place is vacant in our homes which can never be filled. Not gone before but will be respected, loved and honoured forever more. R.I.P Nelson Mandela the light has blown out. Memories will live for evermore.
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Noléne Pienaar2013-12-06 07:29:00
To a man to a legacy. Honored to live in a time of Mandela.
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deon2013-12-06 07:11:59
Tata Madiba R.I.P, you were the greatest leader that I knew, condolences to the family, to a nation, we have lost a great man.
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Michelle Mayo2013-12-06 06:40:48
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of a truly great man, Nelson Mandela (Tata) at this time. May his legacy be long lasting, he was a man of peace - he inspired a nation to stand together and become the democracy we are. RIP Mr Mandela, we will always remember your smile and your humility. My daughter is a "born free" and is proud of the fact that she was born in the year you became President. Gone but never forgotten...
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Carl Krause2013-12-06 04:58:54
Our Tata led us to freedom and for a while we were living the dream of true freedom, prosperity and democracy, but his time came too late. The reins were handed to those who chose to enrich themselves and their brothers and the vision continues to be a joke. It is now time, my brothers and sisters, to prove our love for this great man and make, his dream, of South Africa a reality. It is time to stop the blaming, the self pity, the loss of hope and rise above circumstance and claim his legacy. Work harder, try harder, teach your children respect and an ethic of resilience. Pack away the anger, as he did, and never forget the suffering of our fathers, for we have become spoilt and have forgotten or do not even know the meaning of sacrifice. Our land is tainted by corruption, self importance and the blood of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children will not grow our harvest. The rape of our resources, woman and children will not stabilise our economy. The murder and hijacking of our potential cannot be our light and motivation. Today, we mourn the loss of our Nations father, what will we do tomorrow?
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Moeketsi Policeman Mofokeng2013-12-06 03:22:10
A just joul Tata was and forever he will be indeed. His humanity spirit will forever be remembered. He was and forever be remembered as an authentic human love to me, Justice Icon,,,, I believe God is proud of the soul Tata Madiba was and is, and I thank God for the soul he had borrowed to our world,,,also I thank you tata Madiba for your kind, just and truly loving spirit,,,no one like you I have admired,,,I'll forever love and remember your greatest and inspring life,,,I love you Tata,,,my ónly true and just leader,,,#Madiba'sSoulRIP,,,God bless us all!
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