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Madiba: Share your thoughts, memories and messages of condolence

FILE PICTURE: Former South African President Nelson Mandela. PHOTO: AFP.
We call on our readers to share your memories, thoughts and messages of condolence on the passing of Tata Madiba.

Here are just some of the messages we have already received:

“I lived and worked in SA from 71 to 83… Thanks to Madiba SA did not develop into a basket case at is no Zimbabwe. He is in the same league as Ghandi or Martin Luther King. Rest in peace now.” - from an admirer in Russia.

“I’m deeply hurt by passing on of Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. I know there is nothing he could do about our decaying democracy but he was the symbol of where we come and where we are: than for everything Tata we will never forget you.” – Samkelo Lakhe Nyange

“It’s something I cannot believe yet, but I am sure a man like Nelson Mandela will never really die. Love from Germany. May God bless his family and all of South Africa.” – Sibylle


Post your message in the comment section below.

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