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Kwaito star Brickz appears in court on rape charge

Brickz. Image courtesy of
Award-winning Kwaito star Brickz appeared in the Roodepoort Magistrates’ Court on Monday for the alleged rape of a 16-year-old.

City Press reported that the 32-year-old will spend eight more days in the Roodepoort police holding cells after he was remanded in custody.

Sipho Charles Ndlovu (aka Brickz), famous for his song Sweety My Baby, was arrested in Joburg on Friday for allegedly raping the girl in Honeydew on March 26.

National Prosecuting Authority South Gauteng spokesperson Phindi Louw told City Press that the state would oppose bail on November 12. “Rape is a Schedule 6 offence which is a very serious case,” she said.

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Total 25 comments
Musawenkosi2014-07-20 23:43:59
Brickz mabrigado uyiskhokho sami iwish ukuth unkulunkulu angakukhipha kulenkinga obhene nayo we are waiting for the good music bigup boy babam unevolvo ugula sick boi iam your best fan iprove that by buying your origina l music...hare clever ye rasta...from aka musa...ngazathi the best abahlukane nawe
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Banele mofokeng2013-12-24 13:22:10
Ja why the gal wait 4 a long tym bt she knw tht she was raped by bricks this z nt fair phezukwaloko no bail 4 the famous celebrate ngathi ubulele y banika abo jub jub ibail ekubeni abojub jub yibo bokungamelanga babanike ibail umuntu mele bamunike ibail abamuniki
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mthobisi2013-12-09 22:17:40
This not fair because he is farmous,y d lady was quit for a long time
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Bongani2013-11-29 03:01:31
Mina ngijola umajaivane
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Bongani2013-11-29 02:57:44
All celebs must look out its all about money cosatu rape bricks rape why
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leraskimento2013-11-23 17:11:41
sizo shaya a ma left Right left Right ko jail,a geze lo decembar ko jail,mmele sibe together ko jail...bricks my gentle brother what whr u thinking...*figuers crossd letz hope ur innocent*
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andile romeo2013-11-19 13:49:47
am sori my brother i know u did not do it,dnt warry the truth will come out one way or the other....
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LINDINKOSI2013-11-15 02:48:36
Well I also agree with tshepiso, why did the girl wait for such a long period of time to bring this forward? Likhona inyawo lemfene.
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Tremaine2013-11-14 16:17:35
Eish hade my auti. I know u ddn't do it dou, had da same thing happen 2 me 4 yrs ago, bt dey found me NOT guilty coz dey found out dat she was lying. Da truth always cums out my guy. I got u in my prayers dou.
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zola2013-11-13 12:45:31
hade Brikado the truth will come out poi
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mchine2013-11-09 14:46:42
Eish hade Brigado bt truth wil cum out n our opinions wil al b different bt u too guys knw wat happened that day
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jayjay2013-11-09 13:58:50
Justice have to be done no matter if u are an we'll known person or not,if the evendence proves dat Brikz did rape the girl he deserves to be charged.
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Nkululeko2013-11-06 21:30:09
The S.A girls has a tendency of lying if you shift away your interest from them. Do you remember,it was the same story with Tso Vilakazi.
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Elyon2013-11-05 23:20:37
Not Mabrigado, this guy is down to earth. Im sure there is an explanation. Hang in there skhokho.
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Mapaseka2013-11-05 21:14:04
If Bricks has done it he should be locked up! This will set an example to all the male celebrities becoz they like to use woman!
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tshepiso2013-11-05 19:51:41
If this happened in march why did the 16 year old wait for so long to report the matter?I personally think he did not rape her its possible that he was going out with her as some of these kids act older than they are and actually lie about it.Family must have a great influence in this trying to get something out.
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Sabelo2013-11-05 15:28:03
Nah this is just a Trap Brickz can not do such a thing
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Taki2013-11-05 12:32:31
Thats a trap, bricks b strong poi
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pertunia2013-11-05 11:26:36
i dnt think it was rape,maybe the gal lied abt her age,all she wants is money....
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moipone ratlhagane2013-11-05 11:22:10
The truth will eventually come out but my opinion is this 16 year old is being coached by farmily 2 exploit money frm BRICKS. Y wait so long with a case like this?
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Richard2013-11-05 10:46:15
I don't think he did it intetional somehow somewhere he was framed or he wasn't sure of he age why has it taken so long frm March to be arrested cause he's famous or what let alone the old habits of drugs catching up on him
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Odwa Mqeke2013-11-05 09:39:41
They must lock him up with Jub jub, they together can make such a big hit in jail. I would buy that album, lol! But sex has become so cheap nowadays, why do men go to an extent of taking by force. Nugget street in Joburg is full of prostitutes who go for as little as R5 for a full package, why rape mara? Zobastrongo maBrigado!
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bassie2013-11-04 22:13:11
Okay why wait for so long to report the case from march till now? Its November come on where he is starting to leave a better life.8 months later
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Brian mogale2013-11-04 19:46:28
OMG...... S@@T happens
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sherlly2013-11-04 19:16:22
Wish the law can make example by bricks bcz nouwadays bad things done by our celebrities. People we support to do well with there life. I'm very worried bcz me too I am a mother of a baby girl
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