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Joost van der Westhuizen tells SA magazines he’s healed

Joost van der Westhuizen. Image courtesy
Huisgenoot and YOU Magazine have released a teaser for their upcoming editions in which ailing former rugby player Joost van der Westhuizen speaks about revolutionary treatment he reportedly claims has cured him.

The two magazines have quotes by Joost on their covers, which read: “I’m Going to Live a Long Time” and “Ek Is Gesond!”.

In these articles, Joost apparently claims that he has been cured of the motor neurone disease he was in 2011 told he would die from in between two to five years, and now “just has to recover from the damage done” by the terminal illness.

“Joost van der Westhuizen smiles easily and often,” reads an excerpt from this exclusive. “Today he received news that things are looking up for him – his health, after special treatment, as well as his marriage to Amor Vittone.

“The 42-year-old former Springbok star is serious: after a month of treatment by Pretoria-based detox specialist Dr Anton Neethling, Joost firmly believes he’s healthy and the damage caused by MND can be reversed.”

The former Springbok scrum-half does, however, refute recent claims by the media that he is moving back in with estranged wife Amor Vittone, despite the fact they’ve managed to settle their differences.

These astonishing articles will feature in the 12 September editions of YOU and Huisgenoot.

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Total 14 comments
Samuel Mldungu2013-09-17 15:12:40
Mr van Westhuizen I hope you have notice the work of God and I hope you will Preach his name Hallelujah.
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Ruth2013-09-17 14:49:58
Wow. The fact that Joost is a public may really be a godsent. Cos it may be the only way to show that maybe just maybe we have all been mislead. Maybe there is a cure for each and every illness. Which would mean that pharmacists and doctors will run out of business. Maybe thats why your statement are been slammed. Have to say you look much better!
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Koos2013-09-16 10:31:35
Anton, jy praat deurmekaar man. Se wat jy wil se. Moet mens nou wragtag tussen die lyne lees.
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Koos2013-09-16 10:27:19
Anton, jy praat deurmekaar man. Se wat jy wil se.
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anton2013-09-16 00:06:36
joost/anton..must be a fool not seeing the old vers the nee Joost. Have nice tests showing this.what is the real cause of joost's condition..
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Petrus Foffiekeker2013-09-14 14:58:47
Ag fok tog.
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Chloe2013-09-14 07:56:04
Message to Belinda Swart, I am sorry to hear of your terrible loss. Did you try the Grape Cure - eating just grapes for 4 weeks, or a "mono diet" of any other fruit or vegetable? Also something that is key to Joost's recovery is the removal of his mercury dental fillings. If you go to the GoNatural dot coza website and click on the link "Meet our founder Johan Jacobs", read the story about how mercury fillings poisoned his brain and nervous system, you will see that people do indeed heal the way that he, and Joost, are healing, with a very high vibration, clean diet of fruit and vegetable juices. It really is real. Once again, I am so sorry about your loss.
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Katie2013-09-13 20:58:19
Another feather in the carrot juice detox' cap. Of course doctors slam it, its not even mandatory to take the nutrition module at med school! Look up Essie Honiball, and so many others who cured themselves with raw fruits and vegetables.
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Freddie Lindeque2013-09-13 16:09:48
Something Stephanie should know about pharmasuitical medicine. Yes, billions of pounds are spended on research for cures, that can be PATENTED, and you can only patent it if formulated with cemicals. No natural product can be patented. Watch "A cure for cancer 40 years ago", on YouTube, to name one of many. You see...the word "MONEY" is connected to the word "PATENT", in medicine. In general, the medical doctors and their athorities don't like natural remedies, chiropractors, homeopaths, biofeedback practitioners, spiritual healers etc. How can they? In fact...they don't even like each other. In fact, if finding a cure, the researcher might even loose his/her job, because the billions of pounds from donations will now stop rolling in.I think that in general, Md's are doing a great job, bus so are the rest, and like with every thing in life, jou always get the good ones and the bad ones. I'm so glad Joost found something that works for him. I just hope he don't loose hope again because of all the disbelief of the peolpe. Even Jesus couldn't do any miracles in a certain town because of the disbelief of the people there.
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Freddie Lindeque2013-09-13 15:14:27
I can't help but wondering what would happen if Jesus walked the earth today. He surely would been crusified by the medical board this time.
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Belinda Swart2013-09-13 13:24:58
I do believe in miracles and believe if this has happened he would have been up and running and didnt need time to recover this dr should be reported to the medical board for giving people false hope and making money out of the crap hes talking my husband deid 2 months back of the same disease he was diagnosed in march 2011 and if their was a cure we would have found cause their was nothing we didnt try to help him
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Stephanie2013-09-12 12:20:34
Joost is to be commended for his positive attitude however is so gullible to believe he is cured. There is no cure! The billions of Pounds spent annually on research over the last 20 years has not come close to finding a cure yet some SA Doc and sports "hero" have found one in a month! Wow! Doc you should stop making such claims and should be reported to the medical board.
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Elza Mouton2013-09-08 14:09:29
Good day Im so happy that there is somebody that have a cure for our ex springbok player. Everyone deserves a chance in live. And for Amor.... you go girl!!!!! You will see everything between you and Joost will work out. Regards Elza
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v Botha2013-09-07 23:09:13
miracles happen those who believe!
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