National 6.9.2013 12.19 pm

Hunt for robbers caught on camera (VIDEO)

CCTV footage of a robbery that took place at the Romans Pizza store in Middleburg, Mpumalanga
Mpumalanga police are on the hunt for three men caught on camera robbing a busy Middleburg fast food pizza outlet.

One of the suspects is seen on the CCVT footage demanding valuables from a couple who reportedly had stopped in at Romans Pizza on Sunday evening on their way home.



A 48 year old man, identified by Middleburg Police as Stefanus Jacobs, was kicked in the face and his wife pushed as a 9mm pistol was waved in front of them. Despite initial resistance she eventually hands over every item in her possession: cellphone, handbag, purse and jewellery.

In the meantime three other accomplices – all armed with 9mm pistols – gather staff members together, stole their cellphones before emptying out the tills into bags.


Roman’s Pizza, situated across McDonalds at the corner of Cowen Ntuli and Lilian Ngoyi Street, was relatively busy on Sunday evening as customers streamed in and out.

“A man entered and asked for a Coke. The next second he had jumped over the counter and put a gun to my head,” the Store Manager said. He asked not to be named.

There was no chance to press the panic button or escape. Within less than three minutes the incident was over.

A series of armed robberies has plagued local businesses over the past two weeks and a possible link is being investigated. Police have asked that anyone with information on the suspects contact the investigating officer, Warrant Officer Tobias Mogadime at 076-5366-028.


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