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Why Generations actors were axed – Mfundi Vundla (audio)

FILE PICTURE: Local Generations producer Mfundi Vundla during an interview. Picture: Gallo Images
As the news broke that 16 actors from popular local soapie Generations had been fired, the show’s executive producer Mfundi Vundla took to radio to explain the decision. Listen to what he had to say.

Vundla spoke to 702′s Xolani Gwala after MMSV Productions released a statement to say that the contracts of the actors taking place in the latest strike had been terminated.

According to a statement released collectively by the actors last week, the group went on strike after their demands for longer contracts (among others) had not been met. Last year, the cast seemed to have reached an agreement with the SABC and the show’s producers, but the actors claimed they were threatened with dismissal and ordered to go back to work.

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Total 8 comments
phumla2014-09-16 12:25:58
I am happy the decision taken by mfundi vundla. We need new faces ,new talent so thank u and we will continue watching generations
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patience2014-09-10 14:50:32
Ngeke ndifike nditi ndakubona uphumela ngaphezu kwemali esasivumelene nga ndikulwisele imali nabo kwinda abakuyo kungenxayombono wakho uyakuhlala ungu Mfundi mvundla bazakubukela abantu yaye bazoqhela. Baninzi abantu abanekhono ungabenza o ruby no chopa nongamla at the end of the day nguwe obenze uba babekwelinqanaba bakulo imistake yabo bafumene udumo kakhulu ngaphandle. Bade balibaba the man bihind them if bafuna ukuqhubeka mabaziphate bacele uxolo or bakuyeke bahambe no Dumo lwabo bangabe bekuxoxisa ngento yakho please
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thandazile2014-08-21 21:16:58
Mfundi Vundla is obviously does not care about other people, especially the ones that keep raising his name. He is who he is because of these actors and maybe he should start treating them as human beings not ATMs. What he doesn't know is that we love 0generations because of the actors not him. I for 1 am on the actors side
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Caroline2014-08-21 15:43:52
that's bad man,think again who's going to watch generation without Nghamla,mam ruby,choppa &...
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Bruce Sibanda2014-08-21 04:19:37
ls so sad that the whole cast of the mostly watched soap can be fired.All these actors must be reinstated an amicably solution should be reached.
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annah makuwa2014-08-20 16:56:36
generations is going down..they could as well stop it
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Sherro2014-08-20 14:32:22
No Mfundi,no man.just imagin how boring is Generations without Sibusiso now with the rest being fired! Pls rethink
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Sibusiso Nuba2014-08-19 22:30:22
No this means we are in trouble how can Mfundi fired so highly actors while we thought it is the best Soapy in Mzanysi Mfundi think Twice for this really we are shamed of you Mfundi!
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