National 4.7.2014 11.30 am

Lion cub gets stuck in buffalo’s butt (video)

A lion cub was caught on film struggling to get his head out of a buffalo’s derriere in a video taken at the Kruger National Park.

The cub eagerly tried to get a bite out of the freshly killed prey and, evidently, aimed poorly as he ended up with his head lodged firmly up the buffalo’s buttocks.

The cub is seen fanatically trying to free himself free. At first the other lions seem indifferent to the cub’s struggles and start devouring the buffalo, paying the cub no heed.

Sightseers who filmed the nearly five minute long video reported that the cub eventually escaped through the pride’s assistance.

“We went back the next morning and the lionesses had eaten through the gut to set him free…We were relieved,” said the sight-seer, who posted the video under the name Laliaztlan, posted in response to enquiries into whether or not the cub survived the incident.

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