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Dept verifying Mbuyisa Makhubo DNA tests

The world famous photograph of a shot Hector Pieterson being carried by Mbuyisa Makhubo and his sister Antoinette during the Soweto uprisings. Picture: Supplied.
The arts and culture department is verifying information regarding Mbuyisa Makhubo’s DNA tests, it said on Saturday.

“[The department] is in the process of clarifying the situation regarding DNA tests done on a man currently in Canada that some maintain could be Mbuyisa Makhubo,” it said in a statement.

“Because of the iconic photograph of him carrying the dying Hector Pieterson during the Soweto uprising of 1976, Mr Makhubo is a historically important figure with a family that is naturally anxious to know for sure one way or another.”

Last year, government said it was waiting for DNA tests to be done.

Former arts and culture minister Paul Mashatile reportedly said at the time that a team had been dispatched to Canada, where the man had been imprisoned for eight years. Makhubo’s mother had not heard from her son since 1978.

He disappeared after a picture of him carrying a dying 13-year-old Hector Pieterson was distributed internationally.

Monday is Youth Day which commemorates the Soweto Uprising.

- Sapa

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Reggie Akpata2014-10-13 08:27:59
After Soweto he slept in a bed opposite mine at in Unity House of Federal Government College, Warri; we parted company in 1978 when I left for the US hoping he'd soon join in the economic fight against apartheid. I am heartened by this news because already our persistent enquiries were yielding confident speculation that he was no more. Let's hope it's him and he's accorded the hero's welcome he deserves when he returns!
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Cypho2014-06-23 08:31:25
I wish it culd b him coz i really want him to b found so that his parents cn rest with a free spirit knowing that their son is in safe hands
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Isaac Moumakwe2014-06-16 09:33:12
How come the Citizen only reports the story now when IOL reported last year September that the prisoner in Canada is South African but not Mbuyisa Makhubo?
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