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Mountain biker catches robbery on GoPro

Three suspects have been arrested after they were caught on a GoPro camera robbing a mountain biker in Somerset West in the Western Cape. Click here for more.


Three suspects have been arrested after they were caught on a GoPro camera robbing a mountain biker in Somerset West in the Western Cape.

Malcolm Fox was about to finish his session on the pedals at Sir Lowry’s Pass when an armed suspect ran up to him, flagged him down and proceeded to rob him of his belongings, along with the help of two accomplices.

The entire incident was caught on his GoPro camera which was mounted on his helmet. On the YouTube video which Fox posted, he said it was fortunate that the suspects had no clue what a GoPro is, and that it could be used as evidence.


Read MoreViral video a ‘constant reminder’ – mountain biker


Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut that all three suspects which appear in the video have been arrested on a charge of robbery.

With the help of the GoPro police managed to arrest two suspects on Sunday, a day after the incident occurred, with the third being arrested on Monday.

“Thorough investigation work led investigators to the suspects with the help of the footage,” said Traut.

The first suspect was arrested on Sunday at his residence in Sir Lowry’s Pass and a Luger firearm was seized. The same day another suspect was arrested in Sir Lowry’s pass, while a third was arrested on Monday.

Police confirmed that the stolen cell phone was recovered, but that the mountain bike was still be sought after.

The suspects made a brief appearance in court on Tuesday and will remain in custody until their next court appearance later this month.


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Johnny B Good2014-06-07 19:22:54
And there are still people around suggesting we are all equal! I refuse!
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Anonymous2014-06-06 16:20:28
Typical fucking ignorant pieces of shit filling the usual stereotype. I say hang the fucks. They are worthless and do nothing for the community and society. I hope they get raped in jail and suffer a slow painful death.
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John Danger2014-06-06 09:56:35
1) The article basically instructs thieves that they should now start observing whether the victim is carrying a camera or not. 2) And it tells everyone else that there are thieves hidden in the bushes near SW. Who didn't know that? Great article showing how helpful and informative the press is...
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Wernich2014-06-06 09:53:26
@Dan Nguyen "Gentle non violent" You do realise that was a firearm he was waving around? The first time he kills someone will be at the tavern when he gets drunk and someone dares him to put his money where his mouth is. After that it will escalate to more serious crime and more murders. On average in SA they will get away with it for at least seven years before being caught. How many people have to die before they are then eventually stopped?
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Stephen smith2014-06-06 00:18:51
Stupid douche, take it easy on these guys?? Really what would that teach them? Not a damn thing. The only thing that passes me off more than this video is Dan Nguyen suggesting we give these "gentle robbers" a break and take it easy on them. I don't know of what world you live in guy, but it's not the real one that the rest of us currently occupy.
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Paul2014-06-05 07:10:49
@Dan Nguyen - do you live in S.A.? Educate them? Give these scum a free ride at college and a job at the end of it,that would require hard work and dedication. Gentle robbers, thieving pieces of scum.
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Johnny2014-06-05 05:38:33
Hope the 3 bastards get thrown in the lake. I provide the marshmellows lol
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Dan Nguyen2014-06-05 04:24:18
Gentle non violent robbers, count yourself lucky, bike rider. I was bashed quite a few times travelling around the world despite the fact that I never put up a fight. I say go easy on these three robbers, educate them, there is still hope.
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wow2014-06-05 00:33:47
He mensen kom op nou dit is een amerikaans website niet zo doen he.....
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Disappointed2014-06-04 20:47:24
I hope those filthy animals rot.
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Gyh2014-06-04 19:30:04
Ikke... You're an idiot.
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jongens2014-06-04 19:17:21
jongens gvd niet ouwehoeren dit is een usa website lopen jullie hier nederlands te lullen ofzo. dumpert4life. wanneer is het weer reettenhd dag...
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dumpert2014-06-04 18:27:25
Opsodemieteren met je racistische opmerkingen dumpert
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