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Post-election violence erupts in Alex

Tyres and vehicles burn in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg as violence erupts on 9 May 2014. Image twitter @amandzing1
Police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades on Friday to disperse protesting residents in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, police said.

Approximately 300 to 400 people gathered and burned tyres outside the court in Alexandra protesting about the suspects arrested for public violence last night,” Brigadier Neville Malila said in a statement.

He said police instructed the group to disperse but they refused and barricaded streets.

“Police had to use stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, 44 people were arrested for public violence,” Malila said.
“More police and metro police were deployed in the area to contain the situation.”

Residents of the Inkhata hostel in Alexandra have gathered outside the hostel and blocked the road with porta-loos.

The toilets were pushed down an embankment and have spilt their contents everywhere. Josias Madunza Street, corner 6th Street have been blocked with burning tyres, rocks, mattresses and wood which has been set alight.

Earlier a police Ford Bantam tried to drive past but residents began throwing stones and the police beat a hasty retreat.

Happy Mhlongo said “we are worried about the situation in this place such as proper toilets and roads.

“I do not take sides in political matters but I want to live in a place that has services.”

Nkuriso Ngobeni said that she lives in fear in Alexandra. “The situation is tense and many shops have been closed throughout the day. We want a government that take care of us. Not to just visit us during elections.”

Police have withdrawn from the area completely but a group gathering sent children home as they held a meeting.

Several residents complained they had been living in shacks for more than 10 years. Others lamented the alleged vote rigging against the EFF in the area.

Earlier, the police said the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) centre in Alexandra was set alight by residents. A room in a community centre which was used by the IEC was burned by residents on Thursday night, Malila said.

There were people inside the centre at the time of the fire, but no injuries were reported.

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No grey matter between the ears...
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Francinah2014-05-09 20:22:35
I just want to know that what is it that iss going to happen in Alex course is like people the didn't vote because of the burned ballot papers
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