National 10.4.2014 03.40 pm

Ikeys player accused of assaulting female student (video)

Irini Agathagelou ,21, has claimed she was beaten by a rugby player at the Varsity Cup Final. Picture: Supplied
A student from the North-West University (Pukke) has accused a rugby player from the University of Cape Town (Ikeys) of assault after the Varsity Cup final.

Irini Agathagelou ,21, said on Facebook that she was a victim of woman abuse, claiming she was beaten by a rugby player on the evening that Ikeys won the Varsity Cup.

“They wear the pink pants and play with the pink ball to fight against woman abuse!” she said.

Agathagelou said she was assaulted when she tried to intervene in a fight between the Ikeys player and a Pukke player in a local wimpy. She said the player, “gave me a right hook in my face, he tried to hit me again but someone stopped him”.

She added that the attack left her with a concussion, back and neck injuries and five stitches to her face.

“We have video proof and witnesses, the video clearly shows his attack on me and of UNW(sic) player Edmar Marais,” she said.

The claim has since gone viral on social media.

The Ikeys Rugby Club released a statement saying they are aware of the allegation.

“We take the allegations seriously and will fully co-operate with an investigation. While the processes are under way the player accused is entitled to the presumption of innocence, but if the accusation is proven we will take appropriate action.”

Ikeys beat the NWU-Pukke 39-33 on Monday evening in Potchefstroom.


The CCTV video footage has since emerged that appears to capture part of the fight. A large group of men are in the scuffle, punching and pushing each other.

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