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Elderly Krugersdorp woman fights off suspects with sjambok

When the woman whipped the suspects with the sjambok, one of them fired a gunshot in her direction, but missed her.

A woman in her mid-70s was almost shot in a scuffle between herself and a number off intruders at about 5pm on September 21, reports the Krugersdorp News.

It is believed the woman and her daughter were in their house when she heard noises coming from another room.

She grabbed her sjambok and went to investigate. The woman found three unknown men in the room.

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When she allegedly hit the suspects with the sjambok, one of them took out a firearm and fired a shot in her direction, but missed her.

The intruders fled through the broken window they had used to gain entry.

Krugersdorp police spokesperson Sergeant Tshepiso Mashale said: “The Krugersdorp police advise community members not to engage or fight with these criminals. It is for their own safety.”

No injuries were reported.

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The Krugersdorp police are appealing to the community to come forward with any information that could lead them to the suspects.

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