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UPDATE: Student injured in UKZN protests

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

The UKZN student sustained a gaping wound on her right arm, and it is suspected she was struck by a teargas canister.

A student was taken to hospital after being injured during protests on the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Pietermaritzburg campus on Thursday.

It was not immediately clear what had caused the gaping wound on her right arm near the elbow, but it is suspected she was struck by a teargas canister.

The protests began early Thursday morning where students threw stones at police from the Malherbe residence while police used teargas in a bid to dislodge them.

An African News Agency (ANA) correspondent reported that police had surrounded the Malherbe residence and had fired teargas into the building for about 30 minutes.

Every so often groups of about 8 or 10 students would emerge from a window and throw stones at the police.

“It is difficult to tell how many are in there. The whole place is cordoned off, and I haven’t seen anyone going in,” said the ANA correspondent.

He said that according to fellow students, the injured student had not been part of the protest.

A fire that was lit at the entrance to the Malherbe residence was doused by the fire brigade.

Comment was not immediately available from authorities at the university.

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Students eventually left the Malherbe residence and moved to the central area of the campus, where they were facing off against police before running through the campus. Protesting students removed those who were attending lectures from lecture halls.

Police were seen arresting at least five people, who they bundled into the back of their vans.

Spelele Nguse, the students’ representative council president of the Pietermaritzburg campus, could not be reached.

There were no immediate reports of protest from any of the university’s other four campuses.

Students are demanding that there be no fee increases.

African News Agency (ANA)


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