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‘Nyaope addict’ discovers burnt baby body

Burned baby found near a Hearthely dumping site in Nellmapius. Photo Supplied

Burned baby found near a Hearthely dumping site in Nellmapius. Photo Supplied

Bystanders say they suspect a couple that dumped rubbish next to the road on Tuesday.

An inquest has been opened after the body of a baby burnt beyond recognition was found on a rubbish heap in Mamelodi, Pretoria.

Mamelodi East police spokesperson Captain Michael Mbewe said police received a call about the discovery of the newborn baby on Wednesday, Rekord East reported.

The body was found in the morning in Nellmapius, next to the Heatherly dumping site.

Mbewe said a suspected nyaope drug addict found the dead baby.

Sam Mathe, 20, said his friend found the baby while he was looking for scrap metals.

“We were waiting for cars that go to the Heatherly dumping site to offload rubbish when we heard a scream. We went closer and found a burnt baby,” said Mathe.

“It looks like the baby was dumped on Tuesday. It was badly burnt beyond recognition.”

Bystanders said they suspected a couple in a car who dumped rubbish next to the road on Tuesday.

The couple got out of the vehicle and quickly burned what looked like a heap of letters, they said.

Mamelodi social worker Anastasia Mosetlha expressed concern over the growing number of foetuses and stillborn babies found around Mamelodi.

“If women find themselves in difficult situation concerning pregnancy or do not want to take care of the baby, they are welcome to come to the Mamelodi social workers for help,” Mosetlha said.

She said some of the women were doing this because they were under pressure and stressed.

The root of the problem was often the father of the babies refusing to take responsibility for his child.

“We offer counselling for women who do want to take care of their children as well as those not wanting a baby conceived when they were raped,” she said.

The police urged anyone with information on the dumped baby to call the police on 08600-10-111.

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