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Karl Marx was racist, ANC not much better – Mcebo Dlamini

Mcebo Dlamini. File picture: Alaister Russell

Mcebo Dlamini. File picture: Alaister Russell

While addressing a group of #FeesMustFall students, the former SRC leader said the ‘ANC government has failed us as black people’.

Controversial member of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) Mcebo Dlamini has accused his party of being the enemy of black people, and long-dead socialist philosopher Karl Marx of being racist.

He said this while addressing Wits protesting students on midnight on Wednesday. The students are protesting for free education in institutions of higher learning.

The former Wits SRC president says the ANC-led government is the enemy of black people for failing to providing free education in higher institutions of learning.

Dlamini also slated academics who take pride in Marxism, the philosophy that underpins much of the thinking behind communist societies. Marx was well known for his critique of capitalism, especially where it relates to the production of mass consumer goods and the alienation of individuals in favour of big business.

Marx, however, was born in the 17th century in Germany and Dlamini argues that the philosopher “did not speak to us”, and that in order to decolonise the South African education system, there needs to be literature that “speaks to us”.

He also took a swipe at ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe for saying that, if it were up to him, he would close universities for six months. This, Dlamini said, was because Mantashe’s children study overseas and they would not be affected if the universities were to be shut down for an entire semester.

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Video courtesy of Tshiamo Judith Luthando

Dlamini says the “black government”, led by the “not-that-learned” President Jacob Zuma has failed to prioritise black people.

“The enemy of black people is the black government, the people who are failing to give us free education. Gwede Mantashe today said that if things were going according to him, he would shut down the universities for six months. He is justified to say that because his children are studying in China. The children of our leaders are not with us here. They don’t suffer the same consequences that we suffer.

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“When they say ‘decolonised curriculum’, they mean those that are studying politics, studying Karl Marx. Karl Marx never spoke about us as black people. Karl Marx was a racist himself. He spoke about Germany and Europe. When we say decolonisation, we are saying … exchange Marxism to include Soweto, Alexandra and Cofimvaba. Because it is not speaking to us.

“The ANC is fighting itself. We shouldn’t be found in the middle of ANC battles. Because you have those who are supporting Jacob Zuma shifting the blame to Blade Nzimande alone. There’s no leadership in the ANC. That’s why we are where we are.

“The ANC government has failed us as black people. The ANC has failed to prioritise black people.”



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