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Former drug addict shares his journey from mess to message

Daren Said is using his past experiences to help motivate the youth. Picture: South Coast Sun.

Daren Said is using his past experiences to help motivate the youth. Picture: South Coast Sun.

Amanzimtoti resident Daren Said has turned his life around and is now sharing his positive journey with others.

A recovering alcoholic and drug addict is using his experiences to inspire and motivate the Amanzimtoti youth, reports the South Coast Sun.

Daren Said, 29, of Lovu township, suffered from depression and abused substances and alcohol, but now he is recovering and has been clean for a year.

“It’s been a long road, but I am getting there,” he said.

“I decided to turn the mess I made of my life into a message, as I have had a passion for writing and speaking from an early age, however, I was just not responsible and focused enough to achieve my goals back then. I have a passion for helping people of all ages to reach their goals and live a happy and healthy life, although my main focus is on the youth.”

This passion led to Daren founding the Bully the Bully Organisation, an nonprofit organisation school programme.

“At the moment, it is operating in Waterloo, near Verulam, because when I started the organisation earlier this year I was living there. We plan to take it across the region in the near future, and we also want to cater for all grades, from preschool to high school and all the way to tertiary with different curricula.

“I also started DarenSaid Consultancy, where we deal with coaching, facilitating and speaking. I am working on publishing a book, but I’m not in a rush to do that.”

Said was born in KwaMashu but moved to Amanzimtoti at the age of 10. He attended Warner Beach Preparatory and matriculated from Amanzimtoti High School.

His articles focus mainly on coaching people to better their lives, whether at home, work, business or in the community.

“My dream is to keep everyone healthy and positive at all times, and I try to achieve this through my speaking and writing. My topics focus on personal development and motivation, but I believe in coaching and dealing with the problem rather than motivating because that doesn’t help with most people. It is always good to educate some people by addressing their situation.”

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