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Gang rape claims at KZN north coast school false

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The provincial education department says it is working on the ‘lack of discipline’ at the school, as it has also received reports of bullying caused by racial tension.

For the past week, some people on social media have been up in arms about an alleged gang rape that took place at Glenhills Secondary School in KwaDukuza, in the north of KwaZulu-Natal, reports the North Coast Courier.

KwaZulu-Natal education MEC’s media liaison Kwazi Mthethwa said the story was false and blown out of proportion.

Mthethwa said: “After investigation, we found that the girl was, in fact, not raped. About five pupils, who are in Grade 9, were seen consuming alcohol outside the school. The girl was seen kissing a boy by a community member, and she was clearly intoxicated. The community member then took it to Facebook, where it spiralled out of control.”

Mthethwa confirmed the girl did go to the police station, but a case was not opened.

“The girl felt pressured by the community to go to the police station and open a case of rape. Upon medical investigation, it was found that there was no sign of penetration,” he said.

Mthethwa said the department was working on the lack of discipline at Glenhills Secondary School.

“We do not tolerate pupils consuming alcohol. A group of people from the department has been sent to the school to investigate the matter.”

He said the department also received reports of bullying caused by racial tension at Glenhills.

“There was an incident where an Indian boy was beaten up by a black boy. From investigations, we know it was sparked by racial tension, and we are going to appoint a psychologist to address the matter,” he said.

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