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ANC veteran Yengeni back in court for drunk driving

FILE PICTURE: Tony Yengeni. Picture: Ayi Leshabane.

FILE PICTURE: Tony Yengeni. Picture: Ayi Leshabane.

Yengeni insists he was not drunk when police arrested him, and says it’s all a political conspiracy driven by the DA.

African National Congress (ANC) veteran Tony Yengeni is expected back in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Thursday when his drunk driving trial resumes.

In a previous court appearance, Yengeni told the court he was not drunk when he was arrested on August 11, 2013, in Greenpoint, in Cape Town. He said the case against him was a political conspiracy engineered by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Yengeni has insisted that he had just three sips of African beer on the day of his arrest and that he was not intoxicated. However, his blood alcohol showed he was five times over the legal limit.

The ANC veteran was shown footage of himself driving. His car approaches an intersection in Greenpoint and can be seen crossing over a barrier line.

This was the second time drunk driving charges were levelled against Yengeni. In 2007, he was acquitted on drunk driving charges. The Goodwood Police Station commander was fired after being convicted of defeating the administration of justice for tampering with Yengeni’s blood sample.

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