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Letaba River crocs decapitated ‘for muti’

Image courtesy Greyson Ferguson  /

Image courtesy Greyson Ferguson /

It is commonly believed the crocodile brains are used to make a lethal poison.

In the past two weeks, 10 crocodiles in the Letaba River and neighbouring dams in Limpopo have been found with their heads and feet removed, reports the Letaba Herald.

The crocodiles appear to have been poisoned or caught in snares, and then violently butchered.

According to Pieter Vorster, chairperson of Agri Letaba, this is becoming a common occurrence.

“Carcasses have been found in dams and rivers for about 30km along the river, from Letsitele to Constantia,” Vorster said.

He stated police in Letsitele and the department of nature conservation have also been informed.

It is commonly believed that the crocodile brains are used to make a lethal poison, which is allegedly mixed with the targeted person’s home-brewed beer, resulting in their death.

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