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Kill the boer, kill the farmer, EFF’s Ndlozi told

Screenshot of Mashilane's Twitter profile.

Screenshot of Mashilane's Twitter profile.

Mashilane also said ‘I dont hate whites, just your supremacy’.

“Kill the boer, kill the farmer,” were the words of a man dressed up on Twitter in a photo in the regalia of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

The man, who goes by the name of Master Mashilane on social media, was responding to a post made by EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. This after Ndlozi posted a picture on Twitter of a man sitting in the back of an Isuzu bakkie with the words: “A friend sent me this, with a title: ’22 years after democracy’.

Mashilane responded, saying: “@MbuyiseniNdlozi kill the boer kill the farmer. Must put this into practice.”

This led to a barrage of racist comments from other people on Ndlozi’s timeline. Marcell @ responded, saying: “Julle kaffers is al reeds nesig [sic] om dit te doen [You k*****s are already busy doing it]”, to Mashilane, responding: “kyk onder jou broek,jy gaan ‘n mooi kaffir sien. Jou moer. [Look under your pants, you will see a beautiful k****r]”.  Mashilane added: “jou kalkoen, jy moet ook kyk onder jou ma se rok, net binne in sy bloemas daar is ‘n kaffertjie [You turkey, you must also look under your mother’s dress. Just inside her bloomers is a little k****r]”.



Mashilane further tweeted: “I dont hate whites, I just your supremacy.#PeterMokaba [sic].” Ndlozi, however, did not respond to the comments. The EFF’s spokesperson has been taking a break from politics to devote himself to his studies and Fana Mokoena has taken up the cudgels as the party spokesperson during Ndlozi’s absence.

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AfriForum’s Ian Cameron took to Twitter to complain about the post. He accused the SA Human Rights Commission of having double standards for not treating Mashilane’s case as they did that of former estate agent Penny Sparrow. After Sparrow was taken to court, Equality Court magistrate Irfaan Khalil ruled that the words posted by Sparrow on her Facebook page, in which she called black people monkeys, constituted hate speech and they ordered her to pay R150 000 to the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation as a fine. In a separate case of crimen injuria, she was also found guilty and fined.

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“I don’t see the any ‘Sparrow’ like reactions here? Double standards. Where are you now, @?” wrote Cameron.

Leader of the EFF Julius Malema caused an outcry when he sang a song titled: Shoot the Boer, Shoot the Farmer when he was still leader of the ANC Youth League. After being taken to court by minority rights group AfriForum, Johannesburg High Court Judge Colin Lamont ruled that Malema’s song constituted hate speech.

History has is that words to the same effect first were chanted in Pan-Africanist Congress rallies in the early 1990s along with the infamous slogan of “one settler, one bullet”. Shortly thereafter, the then ANC Youth League president Peter Mokaba started to use the slogan and began chanting, “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer”.



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