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Mother in court after rats bite neglected child

Black rat threatening with teeth bared

Black rat threatening with teeth bared

The toddler bitten by rats has been taken to hospital for treatment.

Two women aged 22 and 36 have appeared in the Tembisa Magistrates’ Court on Monday after they allegedly neglected three children in two separate incidents.

The women face charges of child neglect, with an additional assault charge laid against the woman whose child was bitten by rats, Tembisan reported.

Ivory Park police spokesperson Captain Bernard Matimulane said, in one of the cases, one of the children, almost three, was found to have been bitten by rats after the mother left her and her four-year-old brother overnight while she reportedly went to visit the children’s father.

”Thanks must go to the members of the community, who witnessed first-hand the situation these helpless toddlers found themselves in.

“The other woman was found by passers-by beating her child on the street, next to the Themba Khoza informal settlement, and when the community came for her she fled the scene,” Matimulane added.

A member of the community then brought the child, who is two, to the police station and reported what had happened.

“Both women have been taken to court, and their cases have been handed over to the police’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit for further investigation.

“Two of the children have been taken to a place of safety, while the one who was bitten by the rats has been taken to hospital for treatment,” he said.

Ivory Park Police Station commander Brigadier David Mbongeni Ngcobo thanked the community for their vigilance.

He firmly believes it is these kind of interventions from the community that will keep children safe at all times.

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