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Gupta links: probe SOEs, asks SACP

We have no interest in politics but business Gutpa's say.

We have no interest in politics but business Gutpa's say.

Zuma recently announced that the SOEs would be controlled by a committee that he himself heads.

The SA Communist Party (SACP) in the Free State has called for an investigation into possible corruption in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) as a result of the influence that some businesspeople have on some alliance leaders.

The SACP is the only component of the tripartite alliance to express opposition to the friendship between President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family, believed to use their business influence in government.

Zuma recently announced that the SOEs would be controlled by a committee that he himself heads.

SACP provincial secretary Bheki Stofile said the ANC must deal decisively with corruption, whether real or perceived, relating to possible undue influence by certain business interests on some ANC leaders and SOEs.

“In this regard, an ongoing thorough assessment on the functionality and efficiency of SOEs and continued investigation of possible corrupt activities within SOEs remains a necessity,” Stofile said.

The party’s provincial executive committee (PEC) did a detailed analysis of poll results that point to what he termed a “worrying trend of persistent decline in the electoral support over time”.

He was commenting in a statement following the party’s PEC meeting. The steep decline in several metropolitan municipalities across the country, as well as Metsimaholo Municipality in the Free State, was alarming.

“The poll results convey discordant cries of our people to the leadership and the movement as a whole and this clear message must not be taken for granted,” Stofile said.

The party highlighted the tampering with list processes, leading to the appointment of unpopular ANC candidates and poor communication of a compact electoral message to the electorate.

“Internal contributory factors to the decline in support include a growing social distance from our mass base, turning communities into mere recipients and ‘beneficiaries’ of top-down state-led delivery,” Stofile said. Cosatu North West also expressed concern about the ANC performance.

Cosatu provincial secretary Job Dliso said contributing factors to the decline were in-fighting during selection processes and poor voter mobilisation.


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