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‘Professor’ David Bullard encourages ‘darkies’ to destroy Wits

David Bullard. Picture: Twitter

David Bullard. Picture: Twitter

The controversial former columnist continues to live up to his post-employment mission statement to ‘upset and irritate’.

Former Sunday Times columnist/satirist David Bullard may be a name that very few younger South Africans are familiar with since his axing by the Sunday paper in 2008, but he has apparently been keeping a close eye on them. He threw a sarcastic barb at the new generation of students who say they are fighting for free education.

Bullard was fired because of a column slated for allegedly expressing racist sentiments. All the same, the man President Jacob Zuma once sued for R6 million for defamation for calling the then future president “stupid and dishonest” has, if anything, become even more outspoken in what Bullard calls his years of unemployability.

Former arts and culture minister Pallo Jordan described Bullard’s writing as amounting to “defecating on Africans” and that “Bullard is the sort of person South Africa does not need within its borders”.

Microblogging site Twitter temporarily suspended Bullard’s account in 2014, but it’s been running uninterrupted since then. He returned to the social media site in 2011 with the stated intention to “upset and irritate” and has attracted more than 12 000 followers. He publishes a regular stream of profanity-spiced invective often lashing out at “leftist libtards” whom he accuses of policing freedom of thought and expression. He has also never been shy to tweet his targets directly, which he says has had him blocked by what he calls “an impressive and long list of leftard scum” who he also calls “tiresome little arse creeping nobodies”.

He recently wrote that he was most proud of being blocked by DA spokesperson and MP Phumzile Van Damme.

He was last in the news in February 2014 when he became embroiled in a Twitter war with journalist Michelle Solomon on the topic of rape. His views on rape caused an outcry.

Now, in response to the recent round of protests that have shut down about a dozen campuses nationwide and led to running battles, stone throwing at security and damage to property at Wits University, Bullard sarcastically tweeted that the “darkies” should destroy the university to save “us” on taxes.

The term “darkies” when used by a white person is considered racist.

Bullard also changed his Twitter bio to “SA’s unfashionably calm voice of reason in a time of outrage. Professor of Applied Histrionics at UTS. Epicurean elitist. Collector of fine whines.”

Needless to say, “applied histrionics” is not a real subject, nor is Bullard a professor. He was actually born in England, studied English and Drama at Exeter University and, according to Wikipedia, failed as a barrister and became a trader on the London Stock Exchange before emigrating to South Africa in 1981.

The protests

Protesting students have taken the position that all tertiary funding should be completely free, which is a major escalation from last year’s demand for a freeze on increases to university fees.

On Tuesday, angry students uprooted pavement bricks, overpowering a handful of security officials who had to run and hide for safety.

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande announced on Monday that universities would not raise fees by more than 8%, but that this would only be applied to those students who came from households earning more than R600 000 – which cannot qualify for National Student Financial Aid Scheme loans. Nearly 70% of students and prospective students can qualify for such loans, and would therefore not have to pay any increases.

This is not enough for the protesting students, however, with some of them carrying posters calling for universal free education, as offered in some countries such as Cuba.

Bullard, however, sardonically believes the answer lies in destroying the option of tertiary education altogether.

In what appeared to be a more serious post, though, he had earlier written that he supported the #FeesMustFall movement if it would help to end the reign of the ANC.



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