Motoring News 20.9.2016 03:09 pm

MINI Paceman to give way for next 5-Series

Reports suggest that production of the Paceman is scheduled to stop before the end of the year.

In early 2015, BMW confirmed that production of the Paceman would end after just three model years.

Motorists who want to put a MINI Paceman in their driveway need to act fast. A recent report coming out of England indicates the funky crossover-coupe isn’t long for this world.

The Paceman is built in Graz, Austria in a BMW factory operated by Magna Steyr.



BMW needs additional production capacity to build the next-generation 5 Series that’s right around the corner, so the slow-selling Paceman is headed to the pantheon of automotive history.

Production is scheduled to stop before the end of the year, according to British magazine Autocar.

The writing has been on the wall for years, and few will be surprised to find out that a second-generation model isn’t in the works.

MINI had high hopes for the Paceman, but it fell short of expectations year after year.

The MINI Coupe and the Roadster were recently given the ax for the same reason. Instead, MINI is shifting its focus to more mainstream models.



The next-generation Countryman that’s scheduled to debut in the coming months will be bigger than the current model in order to draw crossover buyers.