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Another pupil assaulted at a Randfontein school

The victim’s jersey was ripped in the front and on the side.

The victim’s jersey was ripped in the front and on the side.

Yet another pupil has been assaulted by a teacher in the Randfontein area.

Yet another pupil at Randfontein Secondary School has allegedly been roughed up by a teacher, Randontein Herald reports.

There were two similar incidents in August and September last year. The latest incident took place on Tuesday, September 13.

The victim is a 14-year-old Grade 8 pupil who claims to have been assaulted by one of his teachers.

According to the victim’s father, the youngster was allegedly grabbed and yanked around in class by an angry teacher on September 13, shortly before the teacher allegedly reached for a broom to further hurt the child.

Where the victim’s shirt was torn.

Where the victim’s shirt was torn.

During the incident, the left front of the pupil’s jersey and his shirt were torn.

“We have medical reports. My son had bruises and swelling on his back, not to mention how he was emotionally scarred,” said the father.

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The parents have indicated they will have to take the teenager for counselling because he was so shaken up by the incident. The family went to the school on the day of the incident and again the day after, to try to resolve the issue, but the father said there was no way the issue could be resolved amicably.

“At the second meeting, on the day after the incident, the teacher showed no remorse. In fact, he was arrogant. We have asked the school to take the matter to the department of education. We want him gone. He needs to be stopped,” the child’s father said.

The father added that since the matter has been brought out in the open, his son is allegedly being victimised at school by the same teacher.

The pupil, who cannot be named due to the nature of the case and his status as a minor said: “When I was in class after what happened, he [the teacher] said if I don’t like him, I should get out of his class.”

The victim’s jersey was ripped in the front and on the side.

The victim’s jersey was ripped in the front and on the side.

The matter has been reported at the Toekomsrus Police Station, and a case of common assault was opened.

The victim’s mother said: “Kids at the school need to speak up to expose what’s going on. If this happened to my son, how many other kids are sitting with the same problem, too scared to speak out?”

Gauteng department of education’s acting spokesperson Oupa Bodibe told The Citizen: “The department is aware of the incident and views these allegations in a very serious light. The matter has been reported to our Labour Relations Unit for appropriate action. We condemn any form of assault of learners in schools as corporal punishment is outlawed by the constitution of the country.  We have waged a stiff war against educators who continue to assault learners, and we will not hesitate to ensure that appropriate action is taken against such educators. The learner is receiving counselling.”

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