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WATCH: Two caracals find new home in Limpopo

Caracal. Picture: Kempton Express

Caracal. Picture: Kempton Express

One caracal was caught in Kempton Park, and the other in Vanderbijlpark.

Two caracals, of which one was captured in Kempton Park, were released at a game lodge in the Limpopo by Wildlife in Crisis a few weeks ago.

The two caracals, the other caught in Vanderbijlpark, were taken care of for a while by Wildlife in Crisis before their much-awaited release, Kempton Express reported.

Their new home is Makalali private game lodge near Hoedspruit.

It did not take too long to get each caracal out of its transport container and into their own temporary enclosures.

These enclosures are nestled on the side of a hill, with beautiful views of the surrounding bush, which stretches out around them in every direction as far as the eye can see.

According to Wildlife in Crisis, when they rehabilitate animals, they frequently use a system called “soft release”. This means the release process will take a little longer, but it affords the animal far more support while they make the transition from captivity to freedom, thus ensuring a far greater chance of survival.

The caracals have been left to settle down in their new space to become accustomed to the sights and sounds of the vast array of animals within Makalali.

Once they know food is supplied constantly in that safe space, the doors will be left open for them to come and go as they choose.

Food will still be supplied for a long while after they do wander out, so if they are in need of a top-up meal, it is there for the taking.

This reduces the pressure on them having to find and catch their own food in the required portions necessary to sustain the high level of activity while they explore and adapt to their new homes and freedom.

– Caxton News Service


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