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Sanral disses Mashaba over e-tolls and Metro police

Sanral e-tolls

Sanral e-tolls

Sanral dismiss claims that Metro Police were previously used to harass motorist for e-toll debts.

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) has come out hard against Mayor Herman Mashaba’s utterances on e-tolls and Metro police, Randburg Sun reports.

Delivering his inaugural speech, Mashaba promised Joburg residents that they will not be harassed by Metro police for not paying e-tolls.

Sanral spokesperson, Vusi Mona said Mashaba needs to understand that e-tolling is a national function and municipal officials have no say over them whatsoever. “We do not have an agreement with the JMPD to enforce e-tolls and never have. In any case, it would be silly to have one as there is no legal requirement to have an e-tag. We, too, do not check on e-tags. We have no reason to.”

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In 2014, there was an outcry by motorists in Johannesburg, alleging that they are being harassed by Metro police for not paying e-tolls.

At the time, motorists claimed that Metro police were conducting roadblocks and forcing those without e-tags to buy them. Mona has, however, rubbished this allegation. He said following those allegations, Sanral ordered an investigation into it by an independent auditing firm. “Not a single instance of the JMPD checking for e-tags could be found.”

Mona said that this rumour has now become an urban myth perpetuated by those with an anti-government or an anti-e-toll agenda. “The issue of e-tags has become politicised and reason flies out of the window when the word is used. The mayor was possibly just playing to the gallery, nonetheless, Sanral will continue assisting the City in a spirit of cooperative governance – just like it is currently doing with the upgrading of the M1.”

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