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Jeppe Boys High speaks out on ‘WTF’ teacher video

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

In the video, the teacher shouts: ‘God, you are such an idiot, I have to say to you‚ stop your sh*t and work. Really‚ where is your book? Where are your notes? What the f*ck is it doing in your case.’

Cellphone footage has emerged showing Jeppe High School for Boys teacher screaming “what the f*ck” to a learner.

In the video posted earlier this month, which appears to have been taken from a cellphone by one of the learners in the class‚ the teacher screams at a pupil, Bedfordview Edenvale News reported.

The teacher is recorded saying: “God, you are such an idiot‚ I have to say to you: ‘Stop your sh*t and work.’ Really‚ where is your book? Where are your notes? What the f*ck is it doing in your case. Oh, shut up you idiot‚ you cannot talk back because you know you are guilty.”

Michael Berger, the school’s governing body chairperson, said both the teacher and the Gauteng department of education (GDE) have been engaged in an investigation regarding the matter, which was now taking place.

He said the school was cooperating with the GDE in this matter and managing the due, correct process so as to ensure the matter could be brought to a swift conclusion.

“We do, however, need to highlight that it is in contravention of the school’s Code of Conduct and a contravention of the school’s social media policy in every aspect to forward any offensive and inappropriate comments, videos and images via social media that could be deemed harmful to the reputation of the school.

“We, therefore, urge learners, parents and staff in possession of this material to delete it and refrain from spreading the content of this video or posting any further comments on social media platforms.”

Oupa Bodibe, spokesperson for the GDE, was not available for comment.

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