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Police hunt for head of headless man

Police are looking for a head of a headless man.

Police are looking for a head of a headless man.

His head could have been stuck to one of the vehicles that hit him, police say.

The battered, decapitated body of a man found in Pretoria East, has police appealing to the public for assistance in finding the head, Pretoria East Rekord reports

The man’s body was found lying near a ditch next to the N4 East towards Bronkhorspruit.

Silverton police spokesperson Captain Jan Sepato said the body was in a bad state when police found it on Monday, two weeks ago.

“We (police) have reason to believe the man was struck by a number of vehicles when he died.”

Sepato said after a lengthy search of the area, police were unable to find the man’s head.

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“His head could have gotten stuck to one of the vehicles that hit him, but police are continuing with investigations.”

He said the man’s body was collected from a government mortuary by the family.

“Police are appealing to members of the public to report any information that may lead to the finding of the man’s head so the family can have closure.”

Sepato said motorists have complained about pedestrians crossing the N4 highway numerous times.

He asked pedestrians to stop crossing the highway, as this often resulted in fatalities.

“Police will arrest anyone they find obstructing traffic by crossing the busy highway.”

– Caxton News Service


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