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Dreadlocks, braids and afros have a swim cap now

Nomvuyo and her kids with the famous swim caps.

Nomvuyo and her kids with the famous swim caps.

Mainstream swimming caps are harsh on natural black hair, which is why Swimma is now filling the gap in the market.

Born in Grahamstown and a photographer by profession, Nomvuyo Treffers is the founder of Swimma, a company that sells swimming caps for women with dreadlocks, braids and afros.

Treffers enountered a dilemma when her two little girls would ask her to join them and play splash games in the water.

“I tried looking around for a swim cap big enough for my dreadlocks but could not find anything. Caps that are considered ‘large’ at stores only fit half of my hair, and I still ended up with wet hair and a longer blow-drying session. Those who have dreads will know how long they take to dry, and with these swim caps, they are itchy,” states Treffers on her website Swimma

She further mentioned on her website that she started making excuses to avoid getting into the water and rather watching her daughters swim and play while she read a book. The girls would try every time to invite her in, and it bothered her that the correct size swim cap was an issue that kept her out.

Nomvuyo Treffers with the swim caps.

Nomvuyo Treffers with the swim caps.

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“I started a search on the internet to find a swim cap for dreadlocks, and I found nothing in South Africa. I eventually found some on the internet that were very pricey in pounds or dollars, excluding the cost of bringing one to South Africa,” she stated to W24

“At one point I cut my hair out of frustration so I could swim with my girls. However, I realised that in a country like South Africa, where many people have hair like mine, surely I can’t be the only one who needs a swim cap, and thus, I decided to start Swimma,” she told W24.

When asked how long the swimming cap can be used she stressed and said to W24: “This product has been tested and ensured that a durable and slightly thicker silicone is used. While time will tell, the cap can give you many years of usage when looked after.”

The Citizen tried to contact her, but only managed to speak with her husband, Theo Treffers, concerning the stylish and in-demand product.

Treffers stated the products had two sizes: extra large and extra regular, which basically fit adults, though some kids might fit.

He added she was working on having sizes for kids as well and other items that were sorely lacking for the majority of the population.

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