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Jo’burg mom and pal burn baby to death

The scene where a mother burnt her baby.

The scene where a mother burnt her baby.

A bystander says he didn’t realise what was going on until he came closer and heard cracking sounds ‘like meat on a braai’.

Two girls in their 20s allegedly burned a newborn baby on Wednesday morning, Westside Eldos reports.

The incident happened on the corner of Perth Road and Fifth Avenue in Westdene, Johannesburg, in a passageway.

A close bystander said he just saw two women burning something.

“The women were burning something with sticks, and I didn’t know it was a baby.

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“When we went nearer we heard cracking sounds like meat on a braai and eventually saw that it was a baby.

“We then immediately contacted the police, and they came,” he said.

The police are unsure whether the baby was alive or dead at that time.

Other local authorities were on the scene to investigate.

– Caxton News Service


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