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Unregistered security guards arrested in Mpumalanga

Two security companies were identified as employers of some of the unregistered security guards.

A recent joint operation in Mpumalanga between Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) and Middelburg police saw the arrest of a large group of security guards who were found to be unregistered with PSiRA, the governing body for security work.

The operation targeted the Middleburg central business district, doing spot checks on guards on duty, Middelburg Observer reports.

Guards without the necessary papers were taken to the police station and charged under the Private Security Industry Regulation Act.

Middelburg police spokesperson Warrant Officer Lize de Witt said 17 guards were charged and released after they paid a R400 admission of guilt fine.

She confirmed that two security companies Hawk Security and MR CHECK Security were identified as employers of some of the unregistered guards.

Marius van Rooyen from Hawk Security said three of his guards were arrested.



The issue with two of the guards was resolved with PSiRA the day after their arrest, while the third guard was discharged. He said Hawk Security did not pay any fine because they were able to resolve the issues.

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Deon Strydom,  from MR CHECK Security, said there were a lot more than 17 guards arrested. He said he was the only person with enough guts to walk into the police station, admit guilt and pay the fine.

“Other security companies are hiding. They refuse to admit that they have guards working for them that are not registered.”

PSiRA undertook a second operation in Middelburg because the two-day operation did not give them enough time to check all the guards.

Information has also been received that most unregistered guards are used during night duty.

Two businessmen in Middelburg said they complained to MR CHECK Security after guards were stationed at their businesses without a uniform. Strydom strongly denied this allegation.

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