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Cape Town bank card skimmer to be sentenced

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

After failing to appear for his initial sentencing in July, it emerged the man had been imprisoned in another case.

A man who unlawfully made ATM cash withdrawals after cloning his victims’ bank cards with the use of a skimming device is expected to be sentenced in the Specialised Commercial Crime Court in Bellville on Wednesday on eight counts of fraud.

Sylvester Mgijima, 32, of Khayamandi, near Stellenbosch, is also to be sentenced on one charge of conspiracy to commit fraud.

He was found guilty in July, and sentencing proceedings were scheduled for July 14. However, he failed to appear, and a warrant was authorised for his arrest but was stayed when the court heard he had been incarcerated in another case.

Mgijima obtained the bank cards of victims, Johanna Kloppers and Roberto Guidotti, and used a skimming device to extract the data from the magnetic strips, including the pin numbers.

The fraud involves R11 019.

– African News Agency (ANA)


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